A new release for MauiKit Frameworks and Maui Apps is coming out soon! A lot of exciting improvements on the way.

@mcder3 El sabado pasan al 1ro cuando le metan 7 a Mexico, ya veras 🤣

PSA: We've updated our package: nitrux-standard-legacy, to resolve a dependency issue. To update, do the following.

-- pkcon refresh && pkcon get-updates
-- pkcon install nitrux-standard-legacy

Also, make sure that our other meta-packages are present.

-- pkcon install nx-desktop-legacy

Friendly Reminder: Unfortunately, Latte Dock remains without a developer, and we understand people's frustration when using Nitrux as we use Latte Dock. However, like you, we're only *users* of the software.

We're not its maintainers or developers; we only package it for our use. As the package we build works (the package is installable, and the binary runs), we can only provide workarounds for bugs like this (when reported at our bug tracker).


Finally, EA Play—plays well—with Bottles, and I can play Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

That was the last thing gaming-wise that I needed to use VMetal. Still use it for audio editing, though.

PNX, with an even shorter life than VMetal and znx, suffered the same fate as its ideological cousins.

Killed by over-zealous fanatics.

It's a short story written in this new entry of Unpopular Opinion Penguin.


I wonder if the ISO file names had a random sequence instead of a date, i.e., nitrux-nx-desktop-hG4kX3oW1zU5oF4e-amd64, would these sites use titles like:

"Nitrux version hG4kX3oW1zU5oF4e now available." Since they regurgitate whatever ranking website uses as our "version," ignoring what *we* say is the actual version number.


PSA: We’ve updated our package nitrux-repositories-config to avoid an issue during updates. To update, do the following.

-- pkcon refresh && pkcon get-updates
-- pkcon install nitrux-repositories-config
-- pkcon update

It’s no secret that the preferred way of obtaining new end-user software in Nitrux is to use AppImages, although we also support Flatpak. And that is because we’d prefer to keep the root clean and without surprises.

In today’s tutorial, we will create a container using Distrobox with Docker, install an application and make the container use hardware acceleration.


Did anyone ask for hardware-accelerated containers?

😋 Well, how about just a tutorial at nxos.org/blog

⚠ If you're experiencing problems booting the latest ISO files, please add your hardware details to this issue: github.com/Nitrux/nitrux-bug-t

ℹ If you also want to help, we have uploaded an ISO with the LTS XanMod kernel instead here: osdn.net/projects/nitrux/downl

We strongly encourage you to be clear, as it can help us narrow the problem.


Me: Please don't use Balena Etcher to flash the ISO

People: *USES BALENA ETCHER; Proceeds to ask why the USB isn't booting*


Ah, and of course, "it's a problem with the ISO,"... even though it clearly works as long as you don't use Etcher


@CKsTechnologyNews Change the behavior of the Latte Dock panel. Edit panel>Visibility.

Friendly reminder: While we upload new ISO files every month, it does not mean that once installed, the distribution doesn't receive updates between the current and the next scheduled release.


New ISO files are released to avoid serving outdated installation media to new users. Existing users can (quite literally) update to match the packages in the latest ISO images.

We've uploaded the main NX Desktop ISO to SourceForge and OSDN and also updated the changelog.

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