Finally, EA Playโ€”plays wellโ€”with Bottles, and I can play Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

That was the last thing gaming-wise that I needed to use VMetal. Still use it for audio editing, though.

Did anyone ask for hardware-accelerated containers?

๐Ÿ˜‹ Well, how about just a tutorial at

The Windows 12 leaked layout is almost identical to that of Maui Shell and the default Latte Dock layout *we* specifically use.

I mean, shit, Microsoft, at least throw us a bone or something. We're doing your fucking design homework.


Right. You want to know what happened to VMetal (it's not V-Metal, by the way).

TL;DR People thought we were lying. I saw no point in giving *free* software to these people. I said, fine, fuck it then, and I kept it for myself.


But, sure, *we're* the ones to blame for "forgetting software."

Also, what the hell, lol. I'm 100% sure we don't develop PackageKit; how come it's *our* problem that it has bugs?

Shit, blame us for every other bug, too, then, lmao.

How do *I* ยซinstallยป and remove different versions of *my* ?

โš  Warning: The following pictures may cause seizures in Linux traditionalists. I advise viewer discretion.

- No installer is required, and no installer setup is needed.
- The distribution lives as a single file.
- The root is *immutable*; however, selected paths can be writable.
- No need to create multiple partitions for new installations; I can have multiple versions (and their backups) in the same partition.

How do I manage software in *my* ?

โš  Warning: The following pictures may be disturbing to Linux traditionalists. I advise viewer discretion.

- No package manager is involved; there is no package manager *at all*.
- Software is either an AppImage, a Flatpak, or a Run installer.
- I don't need to use the terminal to manage AppImages or Flatpaks.
- The distribution does sandbox AppImages automatically, much to the decry of AppImage detractors.

How does the root directory of *my* Linux looks like

- Human readable structure for the top-level directories
- Simple structure for the znx directory (STORE); OS as a single file
- System AppImages in /Applications; the only authentic way (๐Ÿ˜‹)

Also, other things I haven't shown in a clip.

- /bin/sh is mksh
- sudo is a symlink to doas
- I use OpenRC (obviously.)

How *I* update my

- No package manager is involved
- No internet is needed
- Takes approx. one minute
- Reboot to an already updated system; no need to reboot, then update, then reboot again
- Backup of prev. version

๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ People saw this as heresy in Linux distributions.


- Only thing updated was (quite literally) a single file
- Boot to prev. Version if required from the bootloader (thanks to znx)

Ah, yes, because I'm using znx.

Huh, Bauh is available as an . Cool, now I have a GUI for Flatpak that's not Discover.


Starting with VBox 6.1.34 distributions using Plasma and KWin can resize the window from System Settings without installing the Guest Additions first or switching to VBoxVGA or VBoxSVGA.

I wonder if that asshole who blamed us for not being able to resize the window in his video "review" can start choking on his words.

I'm making an "Available as AppImage" button to add to the readme files of our stuff. Or if people want to use them, I'll upload the SVG to a repo.

Here are 20 variants. Which one do you like?.

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