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"double down." 

> "what? did you mean.. that seems.."

"all in"

> "i.. uh.."

"double secret all in"

> "what the hell do you think is going on, exactly?"

testing ascii art...
 γ´ ⌒`ヽ
 ( ´・ω・)
   し─ J

Une journée sans le touitèr et ses débilos.
Putain ça fait du bien !

Remember when we just joined this site (like 5 minutes ago) and we thought that people with the green emoji were verified accounts. Good times.

Staying in the election was really just dumb pride

I could be snorting coke off of a Dubai escort's ass right now

and now everyone hates me

still can't believe I got elected

I mean, wtf was everyone thinking

Oh god the Mashable headline is quite something

Et qu'y a t'il de pire que deux bébés dans une poubelle ? 

Un bébé dans deux poubelles

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