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Venho da outra rede e trago ensinamentos

Catholicism bashing 

Tusky with multi account support, this day has arrived

Is your child texting about ed? Know the signs:
gtg: show lines containing "g"
kk: drop mark "k"
smh: remove the first "h"
stfu: remove the first "fu"
r ofl: read the file "ofl" in
w tf: write to "tf"

Hello Mastodon,

I'm looking for pointers and tips on interesting approaches to internet guerilla activism. I.E. ideas in the same genre as setting up a Twitter bot to argue with alt-righters and anti-feminists.

If you got anything, just throw me a googlable term or link and I'll look into it

I am competent in web programming and able to read very technical stuff and currently researching for a 2-week teaching-tour on tools to fight online violence against women and minorities. Thx 😘

Comi abacaxi🍍e minha boca ficou toda ferrada?

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