Just joined up... checking out the space. A little bit lost so far, but looks interesting.

Only one person on Mastodon tonight I see. Had a good time coming back from Tarifa to Gibraltar today. I’ve been using the Sony RX10 a lot more in the past few weeks, I think it’s the camera I’ll stay with until it fails. I like the size vs capabilities mix, the zoom is well within the range I’d ever want, the lens is gorgeous. I never needed to upgrade to the follow-up models, the II, III and RX10 IV – all bigger, more expensive, and I already own this one. Mind you, the battery is getting old!

@makeworld I say gigabyte the correct way also (with a soft g, as in gif, not with a hard g, as in gif which the rest of the world seem to have incorrectly started using this century)

I'm still very much in lurking mode. I am finding that I need to give my nervous system time to relax. Realizing I can re-invent my online space here.

Contemplating what @continuation said about the effects of gamification on twitter and noting the effects on my body as I move between tabs from one platform to the next.

@crashsolo write it in either chronological or ‘as it occurs to you’ order, when it’s finished, go over it & edit it in a more interesting way – as if you’re a film editor in an edit suite

Treat the two operations as separate:
• write it in any order you think of, probably chronological, maybe not, who cares
• then edit it, where you can play with perceptions, entry points, discoveries, knowing that you’ve already done all the writing

Don’t start with the latter in mind though

@spacekookie I’ve been using Pop_Os on my Raspberry Pi 400 for the past few months, which previously ran Ubuntu for raspberry pi

(I don’t use the raspberry pi Os because it’s far harder to set up VPN, which is the only use for my Raspberry Pi 400 - to get into the work software thing)

I really like Pop_OS now and recommend it as much as I de-recommend ubuntu now (especially as I’ve become really pissed off with ubuntu’s stupid ‘snap’ thing)

Here we are!

I'm a recovering academic who's avoided #PublishOrPerish.

Taught #EthnographicDisciplines for 20 years in 9 universities (in Qc, TX, ON, NB, IN, and MA). Still doing #fieldwork as an #ethnographer. #AppliedAnthropology

I currently work in a #Technopedagogy #NonProfit, focusing on #OpenEd, #OER, #LXD, #UDL, #CollaborativeLearning, #a11y, #EDI, #InclusivePedagogy, etc.

Moving my main profile to this instance (@enkerli@Mammouth.cafe disappeared)


Behringer Model D, just previewed on Sonicstate - it is tiny, and cheap!

@Elucidating switch everything totally over to FORTH - you know it makes sense!

On which date will mastodon become so fast as to be just grey?

@ekaitz_zarraga what's that for, and what method do you use for soldering the smds?

@cypnk Interesting. I've been rebuilding the ARP 4019 VCA for the ARP 2600 youtu.be/dqgAc6TdBQQ - the circuit is quite sophisticated, more so than most VCAs need to be.

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