Behringer Model D, just previewed on Sonicstate - it is tiny, and cheap!

On which date will mastodon become so fast as to be just grey?

My UK General Election 2017 prediction: The Monster Raving Loony Party will be running the country. Votey McVoteface at our best.

If anyone has just bought an HP printer and is looking for a 'refer a friend' type of code, you can use mine and get an extra month of ink: - hope this helps someone. 🙂

Mastodon is proving a total failure - all I can see is a rapid flow of Japanese. What's the point of showing Japanese to anyone other than people who actually read Japanese?

We're gonna build a wall on the border between France and Japan, and Mastodon's gonna pay for it!

Damn I had to do something else for five minutes - what did I miss here? What did I miss? What did I miss?

Is anyone else just staring at a downward-descending typographic blur, thinking they should be doing something more productive?

In a way, mastodon doesn't need user names, user accounts, or any form if individual identity. Just let everyone in to type anything at all, anyhow.

Bloody hell, still japanese.

What are all these people saying?

Well okay, this is a waste of time. It isn't even distracting me from doing anything important.

Is it just me or is it impossible to scroll up once you've stabbed at a message to make it stop so you might be able to read some of it?

Haven't looked at mastodon for many days - looking in just now and everything is exactly the same. This is just like my fridge - the internal space time ceases to exist when I shut the door, and when I open the door, there it all is again.

Mastodon so far seems quite 'write only' more than 'conversational' in granularity. Lots of blurted comments which may hook a reply, but mostly not. The 'conversation' seems more difficult to get to, to see. Usenet on the other hand was definitely about conversations rather than individual blurts of expression with no expectation of a reply. Where's the conversation, here?

One of my videos from a couple of years ago in my 'Our Robot Future' series: Your Job is Pointless -

If United Airlines had forcibly removed Sean Spicer, would that have added up to a positive?

Has anyone on mastodon set up the comp.* rec.* sci.* hierarchies yet?

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