@lintang Gatau weh pas bikin akun gaada yg auto follow kyk di server sebelah

@Leeknowm I just registered here and you already get annoyed by my existence?:(

jack boosted

how many OCRP in mastodon?

if you are OCRP please boost this toot. :coolcat:

@lintang @Aviderich Gua rasa si Jeki pas liat kita sedih kena bebersih begini:(

@lintang @Aviderich oh Avi your acc get suspended?

Ooh ooh kasian sungguh kasian

@Yujin@stereodon.social oh my day was great because I eat well today. hbu?

@xuanyi WKWKWKWK duh stres emg anjir banyak akun hilang

@Yujin@stereodon.social iya gmn nih kabarnya?

@lintang @Aviderich how's your account doing so far? how it feels like to be suspended by me?

@xuanyi hey, your account get suspended by my platform?


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