Anyone interested in data visualization, using maps to show distribution of poverty, inequality, climate issues, etc? I created this cMap to share some of the links I've collected in my library, and to point to my own use of maps.

I feel that any place in the world could use maps to spatial build understanding of where problems, or opportunities, exist. Many are already doing that.

However, the next step is getting people into conversation around this data.

I've been working with Dell PCs that are at least 15 years old. I've not been able to get to the one in my Chicago LOOP donated office space since before my injury on April 1. Finally got there today.

The PC won't boot into Windows. Ugh.

I only use this to access a MSFT Front Page file that I use for my newsletters and one of my web sites.

I've same PC in my home office, but have not been able to get it to boot up for a couple of years. I've another PC that I use.

Hot last night.
A/C still not fixed.
Could not sleep.


Got up.
Watched an hour of
YouTube flash mob music

Enjoyed them immensely.

Slept well after that.

Was preparing to post a comment on Linkedin about the map-based directory of Chicago tutor/mentor programs, which I've hosted on a FREE Map-a-list platform since 2016. I decided to check the link first.

It's no longer FREE and not available to viewers unless I signed up for monthly $19 fee.

I did. You can view it at

Now I need to find one or more who will provide contributions to help me pay the bill. $228 for a year.

Opened door to world
this morning
by turning on my PC and my phone.

I do this every day.

My journey goes through
* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Facebook
* email
* Mastodon

And leads to blogs by others, YouTube by others, web sites hosted by others.

Looking for ideas. Fellow travelers. Help. Assistance.

Leaders who use ideas from in Chicago and different places.

Maps. Concept Maps. Visualizations. Web libraries.

Every day.

Since early 90's I've been building library of information related to poverty, youth, education, workforce development, inequality and the role volunteer based youth tutor, mentor and learning programs play. I've hosted conferences to bring people together and have tried to do same on Internet since 2000. Not finding spaces where this topic is a priority. Too many other issues. Poor formats. Not important enough?

See my thinking at

Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

Since I've been gone for a year here's a post I created in January under the "What the heck am I trying to do?" heading.

Hope you'll take a look.

@dogtrax @tellio

I've had trouble logging in to Mastodon for over a year. Found my way in today by following link from Terry on my Inoreader acct.

Not sure what I missed.
Still see posted on Twitter
Hope I can find my way back here again.

I'm reading and annotating a set of essays by Ivan Illich, titled "Deschooling Society" with @dogtrax and a few others. I just finished the 4th essay.

@tellio Are you reading this?

One of my web sites is hosted by a company in India. Every month when I try to pay my bill the log in does not work. Then I try to open a chat so they can send me a re-set log in. For past couple of months I get a message "I'm number 1 in waiting list. They'll be with me in about 1 minute. It's been over 30.


Former First Lady of USA, Barbara Bush, died yesterday. I posted a letter that I received from her in 1991 on my blog.

She wrote "I salute you for reaching out to involve other corporations in establishing programs like Montgomery Ward's, and I have every hope that your experience with Cabrini-Green's children will convince others that education is everybody's business."

I've been trying to do that for 27 years.

I've been seeing heart-rending photos posted on Twitter & FB by Free Syria Media Hub & have wanted to see something done to end the suffering. I don't believe Friday's attack by US, France & Briton was the answer. But w such a complicated mess, not sure what answer is.

At the same time, similar images could be posted for Yemen & many other places, including US poverty areas.

So many places. What can one person do?

In my case. Build library. Retweet. Help bring visibility.

neato! Peter Adamson's History of Philosophy is increasingly living up to its ("without any gaps") subtitle:

Africana philosophy is coming soon!

subjects to include:
Introducing Africana Philosophy

Early Philosophy in Ethiopia

Islamic Philosophy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Philosophy in African Oral Traditions

African Philosophy of Time

God in African Philosophy

African Philosophy of the Person

Communalism in African Ethics and Politics

Had team of plumbers in my house yesterday to replace horizontal galvanized pipes leading from basement boiler to laundry room and connecting to first floor sink, bathrooms, etc. They replaced our 25 yr old boiler, too.

Fixed problem that we've lived with for nearly 30 years. Why did we wait so long? We only spent the money because we're selling the house.

At least, we'll get 3-4 months of enjoyment from fixing this.

“What any civilization mostly needs is not world-altering legacy of a few but the numberless people of talent who play a role and play it well, and maybe play it a little better than before -- sustaining their contemporaries in the brief moment we have together.”

-- from Cartoon County (My Father and His Friends in the Golden Age of Make-Believe) by Cullen Murphy, page 235


@tellio A year ago I wrote my "do over" article following the do-over at the Oscars. You were kind enough to write an article on your blog and post a list of suggestions on Hackpad. I pointed to it in this article. The link to hackpad no longer works. I hope you'll write an update. The do-over still needs some "do-ers".

I created this cMap to show conversations I've been following on Twitter. I included it in this article that I posted last Saturday.

Has anyone created something similar showing various Mastodon sites, and what issues they focus on? You could do a for ever and still not find something you're looking for.

For those who can't see image this shows clusters of nodes, grouped by focus, like tech. Each has link to a Twitter chat.

Attended U.S. Global Leadership Coalition lunch today at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago. Senator Tammy Duckworth of IL was the keynote.

Entered ballroom, looking for table to sit, trying to pick one w a few people, where I might have a conversation.

Found one with 3 men. "Can I join you?" "Yes". The man to my left introduced himself. " I'm the Consul-General of Japan." Another man joined us. "I'm The Consul General for South Korea".

Good lunch. Good men to meet.

See Tweets at

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