Happy Friday, everyone.

Here's a post from a few Fridays ago, showing the library, which I started in the 1990s. tutormentor.blogspot.com/2022/

I use as blueprints, to show information in the library & strategies for using it.

I wonder if anyone has yet mapped the Mastodon ecosystem to ID & connect those who focus on common causes.

For educators, I have made available many of my resources around teaching and learning, including more than 100 interviews with digital media and learning pioneers rheingold.com/learning

Wondering what DS106 - Daily Create is all about?

Follow @tdc or go to daily.ds106.us/ for a creative prompt each day and get inspired to make #art, to #remix, to do something odd or unusual, to collaborate

It has been an engine of daily inspiration for years now (notice the prompt number? That's the number of days the prompts have been running). @cogdog has been working to move it over to Mastodon

A brief history: daily.ds106.us/about/

Suggest a prompt: daily.ds106.us/add/

While I've increased my activity on Mastodon I continue to share on Twitter & other platforms.

The goal is to influence what people do to help kids in high poverty areas move through school & into jobs & careers. This graphic visualizes the strategy. tutormentor.blogspot.com/2021/

With so few following me & the decentralized nature of this platform, I'm not sure how well it will support my effort.

However, I'll keep trying.

Happy Thanksgiving

Bless Everyone, No Exceptions

May soft rainfall freshen your garden,
May sun’s warm rays brighten your spirit,
May a gentle wind whisk away your worries,
May laughter and song be with you
And family and friends fill your heart,
And may the thoughts from others confirm that you are loved.

Sheri Edwards
11.24.22 329.365.22

In 1993 when we launched the Cabrini Connections program I used the first grant to hire two part time program leaders. One of them is still connected to myself and alumni via Facebook.

This morning she reported seeing one former student and said "her 17 year old daughter was the first black homecoming Queen in her high school and plans to join the navy. The twin boy plans to join the army. "

This is what I envision when I describe "long-term" connections.

Loving Mastodon's custom emoji. We now have one for #chihacknight!

:chihacknight: :chihacknight: :chihacknight: :chihacknight:

I've been writing my blog since 2005 and had a print newsletter from 1993 to 2003. My articles followed the annual calendar.

In today's article I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and point to messages I've given in past articles around this time of the year.

As you might expect, the all focus on "thanks" and "giving".

On Twitter I was sharing my web library with over 4500 followers. So far I've less than 200 here.

Yet, I'll continue to share. Here's a section with articles. Use it as a study guide and to expand digital access and opportunity to all.


Note: my library focuses primarily on the USA. I encourage people in other countries to build similar libraries that we can connect.

Surround yourself with people who react to being wrong about things in healthy and productive ways

This is also going to impact flagships but not in the same way. As smaller, regional campuses close, pressure on flagships will grow to expand enrollments or to have larger campuses “absorb” regionals. Nobody on either side of the political aisle likes closing a campus.

The college-age population is about to crash. It will change higher education forever. - Vox


I really appreciated this piece from Clive Thompson (@clive) about Mastodon's "antiviral" design.


It's not an unabashedly good thing to be anti-viral. It's not great for activists who are trying to change media agendas. I come away from Clive's piece increasingly convinced that we need a wide variety of different platforms, from the very broad to the very small, and tools that help us aggregate, filter and navigate those different networks.

I learned about ikigai years ago and used it to help me find my WHY. It took me time but finally, I realized my WHY is storytelling.

How are you living your WHY?


#ikigai #purpose #why #passion #mission #authentic


Recognize others, both far and near
When giving thanks this time of year;
But I aver true gratitude
Is a year-long working attitude.


starting the process of archiving and deleting my posts on twitter. I plan to put them up on my website.

found this handy script to parse and clean up my downloaded archive github.com/timhutton/twitter-a


old, progressive gramma,
retired middle school language arts media educator,

writer, novice artist,

sighing with hope;

daily art, poem, & walk;

"child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars" -
-believe you are, too;

love is the answer;


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What are the rules for DS106?

Go boldly
Welcome inclusively
Wander freely
Wonder insightfully
Lurk curiously
Connect kindly
Respond thoughtfully
Share fairly
Remix reverently
Amplify Appreciatively
Create boundlessly with prompts inventively


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