Today we celebrate in the US, honoring those who have served our country.

Let's not forget that others have served their countries, too. Few of the men and women in uniform, especially the lower ranks, were the people who start wars, or who profit from them.

This is a photo from the South Korean National Cemetery in Seoul. I took it in 1970 while I was in the US Army.

Hope you all enjoy the Halloween Festivities. Will be frigid in Chicago region. Might keep the kids from coming for candy. I'll be ready, in any case.

My org built a Tutor/Mentor Program Locator in 2008, which is a map platform w many layers that you can use to tell a story. This map shows 7th Congressional District of Illinois.

On many browsers the page formats like this graphic, which I've never liked.

Today I realized I could click on icon in upper right & get full screen view. Took me 14 yrs. Duh.

View this at

It needs work. Volunteers & partners needed. Could be made available to other cities.

I attended event last night where speakers were Alex Kotlowitz, promoting his newest book and Xavier Ramey, an social justice organizer in Chicago. Here's one Tweet that really resonated with me.

Xavier said something like "It's not that you'll reach a solution but that you have the endurance to persevere. Continue the struggle."

In a series of Tweets I've been pointing to the talent needed to build great sports teams. It's much more than just the players. Non-school youth development, tutor and/or mentor programs need the same range of support, but few have the money to attract and retain all they need.

Schools may have some of the same problems. Especially those operating in high poverty areas.

How would you visualize this in order to draw attention to the problem and resources to programs and schools?

I received email from Rockefeller Foundation today inviting me to share for achieving by 2030.

Samples were giving such as "end poverty by 2030".

I think it's unlikely any of the goals will be achieved in just 11 years from now. Or that there will be teams in every part of world working to achieve each of the 17 goals by then.

How would you frame your vision statement? Search the hashtag on Twitter and see what I posted.

Addendum 2 to #smallstories: My wife had an entirely other set of directions she began to give this man (see original story), and I was confused that she was seeing a map in her head that was different than the map in my head. I soon discovered why: she had the wrong bridge in mind. She was leading him to an different part of the city altogether, to another bridge, and after realizing this, and providing accurate directions, her map and my map were once again in sync. That's love! :)

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Walking through Research Section of Tutor/Mentor web library.

Page 1.

Open first link.
Does it work? If not, can I find updated link? Fix it?
Delete it?

It works. What's the content? Do I share it on Twitter?
Yes? Copy image. Post. Tweet.

Go to second link. And the third.

313 links in this section when I'm done.

Go to next section. Library has more than 2000 links. 25 sections.

Takes time.

This cMap shows four main categories.

On Twitter I've been showing work interns from Hong Kong and South Korea did in past years to help communicate Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute, LLC ideas.

I think Andrew Yang volunteers are doing similar work to communicate his ideas.

For many years I've encouraged educators to get students involved in this work.

Take a look at my Tweets and visit the sites I point to.

Turns out I have quite a few talented comic makers and graphic novelists in my classroom this year. One student even created a multi-book series last year with his character, and the school librarian put all of his handmade homemade books into the check-out loan system for our school. I'm going to head in there today, I think, and check out some of his books for weekend reading. I can't wait to see what these young writers and artists create in writing class this year. #smallstories

#911 reflection.

Terrorist attacked USA and killed about 3,000 people. Disrupted the lives of more than 350 million others in years since then.

USA retaliated and killed many thousands of people, and disrupted the lives of many millions, perhaps billions of others.

There is no winner here. Only sadness.

I was honored to take part in a 21 year reunion of three educators who started meeting on-line in late 1990s. I started connecting with them in mid 2000s.

Vance Stevens wrote a blog article, pulling out info from the ZOOM meeting, to share via the blog. I encourage you to take a look. It's a rich history. How many of those connecting today will still be connecting in 20 years?

I was updating my web library last night, which involved opening about 2000 links, and found one pointing to a 2006 comment I posted on the Social Edge forum. I put it into my blog since the issues I was talking about then are still relevant now.

Last week I found a conversation I co-hosted in 2005 on TechSoup's platform. I posted link at

Volunteers have helped me build a web presence since the late 1990s. The site was first built by one volunteer, then in 2006 rebuilt by another. That volunteer has been hosting the site for free since 2011.

Today the site did not open and when I checked he told me the hosting fees were up to $200 a month and he had to downsize to a $30 a month fee. He's been paying from his own pocket, so I fully understand. The sites working now.

Some call it reach.
I call it speech.
You react to words
Which I try to teach.

The words are not mine.
And that is just fine.
Words are for all.
A very good sign.

Some time today
Or tomorrow, you'll say
The word you just saw
And I say, "Hooray!"


Daily walk through my WWW world.

Digital newspapers-Chicago
Earthlink email
Instagram- occasionally

Then on to to review, fix and update links in my web library.

Looking to see what nuggets of insight, friendship, inspiration I pick up along the way.

Anyone interested in data visualization, using maps to show distribution of poverty, inequality, climate issues, etc? I created this cMap to share some of the links I've collected in my library, and to point to my own use of maps.

I feel that any place in the world could use maps to spatial build understanding of where problems, or opportunities, exist. Many are already doing that.

However, the next step is getting people into conversation around this data.

I've been working with Dell PCs that are at least 15 years old. I've not been able to get to the one in my Chicago LOOP donated office space since before my injury on April 1. Finally got there today.

The PC won't boot into Windows. Ugh.

I only use this to access a MSFT Front Page file that I use for my newsletters and one of my web sites.

I've same PC in my home office, but have not been able to get it to boot up for a couple of years. I've another PC that I use.

Hot last night.
A/C still not fixed.
Could not sleep.


Got up.
Watched an hour of
YouTube flash mob music

Enjoyed them immensely.

Slept well after that.

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