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RT @dhh We urgently, pressingly need to stop this utterly blatant abuse. The gig economy is not a collection of independent business folks, it's modern-day servitude. Reclassify these people as employees. Pay them a $15/hr min wage. Cover expenses. Offer benefits.

RT @dhh
I thought I was pretty well-versed in the absolute hellscape that is the gig economy, but these stories from's Shipt brings the dystopia to new levels of too-on-the-nose-for-fiction. Classifying these workers as contractors is a portal of abuse.

the fucking alphabet song has ensured i store the alphabet as a singly linked list

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OMG!!! It has arrived!

45 minutes before I need to go to the airport, but still.

First impression: It looks awesome! This is an amazing achievement. And the manual is incredible - there is so much work and love that went into this computer.

Can’t wait until I can actually plug it in next week! 😅

the truth about sonic 

Just wrote the simplest possible integration test for a tool at work: print the version number.

The test found a bug.


I think this screen shot shows the effect the change in criteria had on the numbers. Let's see what the trends are in the next few days.

From the current version of this [ ]


It's out. Papers and results from the New Horizons pass of the Kuiper Belt Object, Arrokoth. [ ]

Article summarises the findings. Links to the open access papers can be found at the end.

#NewHorizons #Arrokoth #KuiperBeltObjects #Space


Not a lot on the photography front today. More meeting old friends and seeing family. I ended up at the embarcadero waterfront and got to see the usual beautiful sights. Tonight meeting an old friend for beers. #photography #america

It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

Recruiter mail lands in my inbox: "I'm reaching out from ... Travis Kalanick's new startup"



Hahahah follow up to that recruiter ping from "Travis Kalanick's new startup"

Turns out it's an "ordering food from this dirty and depressing complete dump in SoMa" kind of startup

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That little "prrt" cats make when they're drifting off to sleep and you pet them, fave and boost if you agree

Germans are discussing introducing a speed limit, but it still doesn't look like it will pass.

It's funny that the anti-speed-limit folks still make arguments that ignore the fact that the rest of the world HAS speed limits.

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