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Rehearsal complete!

With our #LaunchAmerica mission four days away, @Astro_Doug & @AstroBehnken started their day in crew quarters and made the trek to @NASAKennedy’s historic launch pad 39A where they’ll return human spaceflight to U.S. soil: 

@tsturm It's just another of those social media things, they're all basically the same, so we can just– OH NO WHAT HAVE WE DONE

Though I still find it hilarious that Verizon bought tumblr and then were all OH NO OH CRAP MAKE IT GO AWAY OMG HALP

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The city that never sleeps, except for 8 hours a night, a power nap after breakfast, a light post-lunch siesta, and late afternoon Second Slumber

@tsturm I have not had to use it yet, but Serif, whose Photoshop and Illustrator alternatives are excellent, have released Publisher, their InDesign alternative.

(At least it's 90 day free trial and on sale right now for $25.)

Lazy Fedi Question:

What do people use nowadays to layout a book or magazine? The last book I did was in Quark and the last magazine layout I worked on was with InDesign.

What is the best option now and please let it be something without Adobe being involved?

Xylocopa caerulea is a species of bright blue bee. (Image: Joshhecken)

Users vs programmers 

RT @NASAKennedy
We are four days away from the launch of @spacex's Crew Dragon to the @Space_Station with @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug onboard, marking the return of human spaceflight to U.S. soil.

Weather is currently 40% go for #LaunchAmerica on May 27 at 4:33 pm ET: 

Somehow I had way more fun with computers when they were slow, and making things work, on a budget, with barely adequate resources, was hard work that required a good grasp of the components of a system and their interactions.

Maybe I'm years deep into a boreout after all, and just can't find any real traction in a world where all resources are abundant.

Werbung im Kochbuch von 1954, "Strom kommt sowieso ins Haus ... nutz das aus".

I had to check if this was published on April 1st... herds of mossballs roll around glaciers in some sort of coordinated fashion, but nobody knows how they do it.

Covid related business news 

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