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at videogames inc, during the invention of videogames:

employee: "i've invented a new kind of enemy to put at the end of levels! they're big and scary, and the whole point of the game is to kill them. the player really really wants to kill them the whole time"
boss: "what are they called?"

The movie Mary Poppins was released in 1964 and set in 1910. This must have seemed incredibly distant to its primary audience of children, but it was still in living memory. If it were made today, it would be set in 1966.

To me, 1966 feels a lot closer to the present than 1910 does to 1964. How does it feel to children?

Habt ihr Lust auf einen weiteren #Ausflug? Wollt ihr #Esel, #Skulpturen und ganz viel blühende #Natur sehen? Dann kommt doch mal mit!


Are you up for another #excursion? Do you want to see #donkeys, #sculptures and lots of #nature in bloom? Then come with me!

Gegenüber vom „Donkey’s way befindet sich der Hans-Jonas Park. Diese Säulen bilden den „Lesewald“. Könnt ihr erkennen, was darauf steht?
Auch sonst ist der Park zwar klein, aber mit einigen sehr hübschen Ecken.


Opposite the "Donkey's way” is Hans-Jonas Park. These columns form the "Lesewald" (“reading forest”). Can you recognize what is written on them?
The park is small, but with some very nice corners.

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Last night I finally gave up pretending and started a new Kerbal Space Program game.

Probable inscription on my grave: "You can't tell from up here, but he's playing Kerbal right now."

COVID-19 Japan Olympics 


And that's the final one! "Revenge of the Sith" is one of my favourite movies in the series and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Now it's time to go through all of these and tweak them a bit until the whole series works as well as it can

CW: Intense Eye Contact

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I just discovered a new feature. Urine splash prevention.

Japanese toilets still add features. Bloatware?

I wonder what is the most advanced japanese toilets. I should visit the Toto museum in Tokyo, aha. But this one was a Panasonic.

Stolen from @backupbear on :birdsite: Posted with comment "Pretty sure Melbourne Zoo just won the livestream stakes".

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[Notice Regarding the Transfer of the / Services] We have received several inquiries showing interest in a transfer following the announcement of the end of the and services. As a result of subsequently evaluating the situation and making preparations, we have decided that the corresponding services will be transferred to a company in the United States on June 30. We will make an announcement regarding the name of the company that the services will be transferred to once preparations have been made. Thank you.