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The CIA literally owned Crypto AG from 1970 on, pushing out weakened crypto systems and allowing them to read messages sent around the world.


You know how time travellers always know they've spannered the timeline when they step out into the present and see zeppelins? And that inevitably means nazis?

How'd we end up with nazis but no zeppelins? This is the WORST timeline.

#scifi #timeline

@Bella Mal nur von deiner Domain ausgehend - schaut so aus als ob da ein Seehund bei euch zu Besuch ist:

Things I've done to make sure computers run properly

- blood sacrifice
- take one apart and leave it in front of the others as a lesson
- reward one with ECC memory
- install linux on an alternate partition as a threat

Any other recommended tricks?


@tsturm A memory from 1980, I was in Bolinas, in Marin County and I went to San Francisco several times a week by crossing this bridge. So nice landscape. I will never forget.

After the strong wind yesterday San Francisco is enjoying a clear and warm day.

The gentle trickle of ice falls on the slabs with the sound of a trillion invisible shards of glass #ArcticDreams

Ring Mountain, Tiburon area of Marin County, California. It's been on my to-do list, finally made it there today. If you're in the SF Bay Area and haven't been, I highly recommend it. Also recommended by @tsturm, who regularly treats us to beautiful Bay Area photos.

watching the full moon coming up. go look

programming pro tip 

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