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Checking out Sgr A* (the Milky Way's black hole) in some recent near-infrared Hubble data. Still can't see the black hole, but I'm pretty sure the slight jiggle in the middle is real and not some misalignment of the data.
Years: Frame 1, 2, 3, 4 = 2014, 2018, 2019, 2019

Since the leggings I made are too big I'm now using the underpants I made to hold them up.
This is my superhero origin story.

@tsturm SpaceX really needs to put human-scale references next to their launch/landing pads. When I see Falcon 9 first stages coming in for a landing my brain always thinks they're like maybe car sized instead of ten story building size.

I like those security questions that assume that all over the world high schools have named sports teams.

every time I see this video I have a renewed love for the agent that runs sideways doing air guitar motions with its arms


Real-life footage of my progress as a programmer


Interesting Starship size comparison from the birdsite.

#AInktober #FlashFic Day 19: "Cat Becomes Abundant"

“You know Schrödinger’s cat was just a thought experiment, right?”

(420 words)

“What’s the two most widely used operating systems?”—“Well, of course that would be TRS-DOS and CP/M.”

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