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Blue whales’ voices have been getting deeper in recent years and nobody is sure why.

Lunar exploration is now a world-wide phenomenon. Here are some people working to explore and study the moon as profiled in this article by Nature:

- MEGHA BHATT: Mineral maven
- JESSICA BARNES: Rock detective
- KATHERINE JOY: Meteorite hunter
- CHAE KYUNG SIM: Soil sleuth
- WENZHE FA: Radar reader

#Science #Scientists #Exploration #Moon #Space

I know cowboys + science fiction is an old trope, but I've been obsessed lately with the idea of cowboy storytellers in different genre.

For instance, put Sam Elliott's Stranger character/narrator from Big Lebowski in the Mos Eisley cantina. Or (for fantasy) at the Prancing Pony in Bree. What stories would he spin in a charmingly folksy way?

Help transcribe old ship logs to get better insight into long-term weather shifts.

Huh. Looks like that quake swarm is now slowly zippering up through the Death Valley area. Just saw several 3.x/4.x in the Coso area in the last few minutes.

Did they or did they not raid the liquor shelf before I took this photo? #cats


My name is Song Kang. I’m an illustrator from Atlanta, GA who specializes in ink landscape and nature drawings. #illustration #PortfolioDay



From 1937 to 1956, Edgar Bergen had great success appearing on the ‘Chase and Sanborn Hour’. He was a ventriloquist; and it was a radio show

seriously, I'm so hype for this (I was one of the people who pushed for us to buy one)

Easily and quickly accessible AEDs are one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve emergency medical care. And I mean dramatically. Early defibrillation makes your chances go from "you will likely not survive cardiac arrest" to "you will most likely survive, likely with no brain damage"

if you can make your workplace get an AED, please do, and make them put it in a publicly accessible location with good signage!

"Watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call" haaa some people have a lot of creativity when it comes to solutions to not work!!

Silverio 2020: No plans

Your 2020 campaign slogan is: Your last name + 2020 + the last text you sent.

How was your commute today?

Here, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins arrive for work at @NASAKennedy for final simulator runs. On July 16, 1969, they launched to the Moon. #Apollo50th


y'all the other day, @zoey and i saw an amazing sight

we were sitting outside and an older fellow with a long, white ponytail pulled up on a little moped pulling a tiny lil trailer carrying a beverage cooler. when he got back on a couple minutes later and started the engine, the main theme from "the good, the bad, and the ugly" started playing and he drove away. we were awestruck by this man and the little led cross stuck on the front of his scooter

Like whirlpools in the ocean, spinning black holes in space create swirling torrents around them, generating disks of gas & dust. Using @chandraxray data, astronomers are using a new technique to measure the spin of supermassive black holes. Get sucked in: 

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