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Good lord.

<< An anecdote: ever see generated code in Java try to store a blob of data? Say, an array of integers? If you just have a static array, well, that turns into bytecode that allocates an array and one-by-one assigns each element to the correct value at class load time, and can quickly exceed the bytecode size limits for a method. >>

A complex evening sky over the Bay with distant Oakland still enjoying the sun.

techie interviewing for a plumbing job:

"I'm really into plumbing... I maintain a high pressure system at home just for fun from parts I scavenged from various bankrupt manufacturing facilities."

‘While any visitor to the site can watch its videos, only fully registered members are allowed to upload videos or leave a bullet comment. Currently, registration involves passing a hundred-question test about anime trivia (“In the Fate series, which magic is the Einzborn family fighting over the Holy Grail in hopes of recovering?”) and bullet comment etiquette’

I like a very large number of things about this article:

Very Snow Crash. #bilibili #china #anime

It makes me very happy that The Last Black Man In San Francisco is doing exceedingly well on Rotten Tomatoes: 93% critics and 100% audience rating!

On brand, I suppose

<<In the kids’ climate lawsuit that is slowly progressing, the US Department of Justice argues that there is “no right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life”

So that’s reassuring. >>

News story from 4 June:

It’s been wonderful seeing my very angry, very irony-poisoned brother experience a near-complete turn around after adopting a kitten, everything this kitten does is incredible, my brother lives for this kitten, his selfies are of him and the kitten making goofy faces instead of him looking angry, he makes the kitten special toys, it’s beautiful

<<In the past week, I was handed a cache of 2,400 photos taken at Ground Zero from the end of September to beginning of October, 2001. They were taken by a worker who was there with a Canon Powershot G1, and who snapped away while toiling through the wreckage. >>

ARTIST: How shall I properly communicate the pain and sorrow of the martyrdom of St. Sebastian?

ARTIST’S FRIEND: Well, you could use a pained facial expression, show the arrows piercing his flesh, or maybe use symb -

ARTIST: No, no, I’ll just make him hot.

When the money ran out at my last job, I'd transitioned laterally so far away from my original purpose as a consulting audio engineer, I had to ask my boss what exactly I even was, officially.

He said "You're a hacker. But we can make your title 'multimedia developer' officially if you'd like."

So uh, does anyone need one of those? A hacker with a specialization in audio/video coding, and an audio engineering background?

Freelance is fun, except it's mostly not.

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