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As always, these things are bad for the employees, but Chariot was directly competing with city buses - if any of these lines is realistic, a city bus should do it, not an exclusive private shuttle.

Stars can't be green for the same reason you can't make iron glow green-hot! It goes from dull red, to white hot, to bluish hot. The thermal blackbody radiation curve that peaks in the green has equal parts blue, green, and red, so it appears kind of yellowish-white to us. If green stars were possible, our own sun would be exactly that! If you think about it, you're glowing like a star right now, just only in the infra-red spectrum, can't see it (unless you have an infrared heat camera) ✨

Story time! Once, a friend of a friend was hired by a startup to build a reactor that synthesized carbon nanotubes. But that startup turned out to be all "vision" and never paid, so he never delivered the machine he built, and he had to find a place to store it.

And that's how humanity's dream of a space elevator ended up sitting in our bike room.


Random thought:

a. software dev lies at the intersection of tech and arts & humanities.
b. the other industry at that intersection is fashion
c. the two industries have similar dynamics
d. comparing the history of fashion with the history of software would be a very fun project


Just guessing here but I bet you enjoy it. The journey, not the destination.

Like making your own paper, then binding it in a book using the hide you cured. Make your own ink, of course. By the time you're done, writing a journal entry would seem like an afterthought.

The biggest problem with writing your own blog software is that it is super-easy to procrastinate writing blog posts by fixing imaginary issues in the blog software.

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NASA and SpaceX are now targeting no earlier than February for the launch of Demo-1 to complete hardware testing and joint reviews. 

‘Rather Than Dipping a Drinking Glass Into the Ocean, They Say, Astronomers Have Dunked a Bathtub’:

ICON: Quest for the Ring (1984) and Seven Spirits of Ra (1987), both by Macrocom, used a tweaked CGA text mode that only displayed the top two pixels of every character. All the art was constructed out of these partial characters.

Here's an interview with the developers:

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