@drewcassidy Whoa. That looks even more dangerous than the shuttle. Was that a real proposal at some point?

I'm so glad I keep this image around to one-up anyone's stupid rocket proposals

Stop and think for a moment.

This place isn't owned by a corporation.

We are all hanging out in a place free of corporate bs, invasive advertising and toxic unwillingness to tackle moderation in a mature way.

Your feed is chronological, there is no engagement manipulation of post visibility.

Yet that isn't exactly why you opened up mastodon/pleroma right this minute is it?

You are checking up on the fediverse because it is a chill place to be and also all those things.

How cool is that?

@kinosocial Wait. Matt Groening's dad's name is Homer? 😃

"More than two in five candidates (43 percent) applying for technology and engineering positions these days lack the appropriate technical skills for those roles. In addition, more than two in five hiring managers say it's only getting more difficult to find the skills they need."

Here's a novel idea: try training them. It's really inefficient to have schools do all that for you, even though it makes your bottom line look good in the short term.

As somebody who experienced the joys of mandatory military service I can absolutely not recommend this direction for the country: npr.org/2019/01/23/687715869/s

Making something from scratch is hard as fuck. Like brain-numbing hard. Especially if you're aiming to actually bring people over - parity is going to be required to an extent.

We’ve all seen desktops like this. Your desktop might look like this. I’ll die without understanding why someone would not bring just a little order to this chaos. You could show this user how to create folders (I’m sure he knows); or introduce him to Stacks feature (he might not know). But he *likes* it this way. And if you scrambled this “arrangement” he’d be frantic. Wouldn’t be able to find anything.

The first bike commute of the year is very satisfactory.

A long read. Story by Shannon Stirone. In her words: "Last month I went to Hawaii with Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin to search for Planet Nine. This is the story of what happened at the telescope, and the challenges that come with discovery."

#LongReads #Astronomy #PlanetNine

[ longreads.com/2019/01/22/the-h ]

Her words come from her tweet [ twitter.com/shannonmstirone/st ]


Apparently this is an opal and not a fragment of the sea 💎🌊

Doing is like wanting, only more awesome.

This will trip everyone’s DUH alarm but I’ll share it anyway. A friend used Automator to add a Word Count option to Services on my MacBook. I write my posts in TextEdit and now I can quickly see a character count. Seems like one of the Cupertino Cowboys would have included that from the jump.

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