@platypus I'm not surprised. Many people out there are still relatively new to computers - there's barely a differentiation for many between storing things and sharing things.

And it's getting worse, too. How many songs, videos and images have now been edited on a phone or tablet without any physical backup at all? When that tablet dies, these people will lose EVERYTHING.

@benhamill Good morning! Is this Big-Endian or Little-Endian? :)

The way clusters of young stars nestle within dust like tropical fish sheltering in a reef...does something to me

(A close-up of M104 from Hubble)

In case you want to follow along with some Spectrum Next development in the coming weeks, I've posted my current Z80 dev setup: sturm.to/?post=463

Late night on mastodon. All is quiet, save for the gentle whirring of people on fedi posting about code. Silently I loft a paper lantern into the air, its soft light glinting off of content warnings. Far off, someone screams that they're horny

The Seoul Express heading out into the foggy Pacific en route to Seattle for an additional container pickup.

The summer commute has truly begun. And I’m not even complaining.

Nearly 50 years after we collected Moon rocks and soil during Apollo, we're ready to look at them with new eyes. 9 teams will receive unopened samples from Apollo 17 to study them with the latest technology. Thanks for the time capsule @nasa circa 1972! nasa.gov/feature/nasa-selects- 

The dune

Close-up of a dune at the east end of the East Frisian island Langeoog

Seattle Times: ‘Flawed Analysis, Failed Oversight: How Boeing, FAA Certified the Suspect 737 Max Flight Control… daringfireball.net/linked/2019

@RobinHood That toot was clearly sent 10 seconds before the tea cup fell over.

@thenomad As I get older, more and more questionable if it ever really did.

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