"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

billy joel seems to know an awful lot about that fire for someone who claims to have had nothing to do with it. 🤨

Last day of my birthday Pay What You Want Sale on the first three Embassy books.

Book 3 has undercover missions, Benjamin getting fired (again), and extraterrestrials so adorable they have their own animated TV show.

@kensanata Yeah, photo management between iOS and OSX is a disaster. I use Image Capture (comes with OSX) to import all photos/videos from my iPhone. That works pretty well, since you pretend your phone is just a camera and Image Capture allows you to just dump all the files into a folder on your Mac.

A big list of unlikely or surprising Turing-complete systems: gwern.net/Turing-complete, via metafilter.com/183095/On-havin

My favorite: SVG is Turing-complete because it can be used to (slowly) simulate Rule 110 (and one hopes the weird boundary conditions needed to make Rule 110 Turing complete): github.com/tom-p-reichel/svg-i

@kensanata @fitheach When I was in Germany this summer talking to family and friends about Brexit, they were all just very tired to if all.

And the very last thing they want is having to pay for any of the hardship the British brought onto themselves.

@tsturm @fitheach also, all the grown ups I talk to about Brexit just shake their heads and have nothing to offer except they think when do they finally leave the EU and get it all over with. Nobody is considering the possibility of real hardship in the UK. Everybody just thinks: they really really really wanted it. We have them so much time to think and they still wanted it. Please, go now. Leave. It will be hard to make an emotional appeal. Realpolitik it is.

@dennis @thomasfuchs That's true! There was a long list of submarine sims. I forgot all about how popular those were around that time. We sold a lot of them.

@fitheach It's like the radio room of the Titanic is telling all the other ships in the area that they are idiots if they come to help.

@fitheach This is btw already being quoted in German newspapers - which are being read by grownups.

The UK is going to have such a hard time negotiating for any kind of agreement after a hard Brexit.

@fitheach I just can't believe that at this stage any grownup could look at such a headline and be like "Yeah, this is fine."

@thomasfuchs Those were the days. I worked in a computer/game store at the time and we sold a giant pile of those AdLib cards.

N00b post. Weather dork just meandering online anywhere but twitter. #weather #storms #lightning Can we even use hashtags? #stormchaser #chicago #lakemichigan

@cinebox It's fashionable to hate on Apple nowadays. Some of it feels a bit irrational to me.

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