@sir Borg ships will one day be proven to be the most realistic spacecraft ever portrayed in fiction, I'm absolutely sure of this.

(at a friend's house)
so uh, where do you keep your.. *gestures*.. you know.. mounds of skulls?

if y'all want something to do about coronavirus just do what you should always be doing and fucking wash your hands

@thomasfuchs Tens of thousands of unit tests probably. It's good business if the subcontractor is being paid by number of lines of code.

We've had this box since Christmas, but we can't recycle it bcs the cat sits in it whenever someone is at the kitchen table and makes whatever this face is

Curfew from the French ‘couvre-feu’ (cover-fire) referring to the time in the evening when all fires had to be covered to prevent the risk of accidental conflagrations in villages built mostly from timber.

SAURON: I shall create three rings for the elves, seven for the dwarf lords and nine for mortal men

HOBBITS: wow ok none for us cool

SAURON: and thus I shall have dominion over all the civilized races


@sohkamyung I wish we had a couple of small landers ready to immediately launch whenever we find one of those asteroids that orbits Earth for a while. Would be great to tag along as it then leaves Earth later on...

Phil Plait on the newly discovered temporary moon.

"The asteroid, now called 2020 CD3, is pretty small, very roughly 2–4 meters across. So, about the size of a car. It was first seen using the Catalina survey's 1.5-meter telescope on Mt. Lemmon, but follow-up observations from other observatories quickly confirmed its existence and the fact that it's orbiting the Earth."


#Space #Astronomy #Asteroids #Moons

They finally released the trailer for Tales From The Loop based on Simon Stålenhag's work, and it's so beautiful. I might have cried a lil', just a lil'


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