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Our Fog Arrives

cc @Nasenspray The fog pushes over our hills above Sausalito - this happens most evenings all through summer.

This week was Children’s Day in Japan and it is traditional to hang colorful koi streamers from buildings and trees to commemorate that.

Ran out of bread flour, so here’s a sourdough bread with a mix of all-purpose and whole wheat flour. It’s a little bland, but will make a great carrier for what we‘ll put on top. 😊

Next time, a touch more salt...

more food photos 

food photos 

I hate that with every feeding of the sourdough starter one has to discard a chunk of it.

Tonight I made some butter biscuits with the discarded starter and while they didn’t keep their shape, they are super-tasty!

So we had a helicopter circling over Sausalito for the last 20 minutes and it's getting tiresome.

Rodeo Valley from Wolfback Ridge to the edge of the lagoon near the Pacific Ocean.

1998 OR 2 is going to pass us in a few days at 16 times the distance of the Moon. Which is a good thing, as this giant marble is about 2km across.

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