There are many Blender donut tutorials, but this is mine.

Spent most of today working my way through some classic Blender tutorials. Even the tutorial output makes me fall in love with 3D rendering all over again. 😊

Turned some flour, water, yeast, salt and olive oil into a tasty loaf of bread this afternoon. This was very satisfying.

As I was feeding our sourdough starter last night it dawned on me how much XKCD was right - yeast and Covid-19 are in a symbiotic relationship.

Day 524 of not drilling a hole with a robot.

At this point I'd say it's even money that a SpaceX crew will drill deeper than 3 meters into Martian soil before any robot will.

The people who build our corporate infrastructure have come up with a brand new amazing UI anti-pattern.

While waiting for the latest bread to cool down, I realized I’d never posted this photo from the previous Shokupan loaf.

What makes me really happy is that I can now produce one of these every few days with some confidence about the outcome.

Continuing the weekend’s cleanup operations, I finally changed the water and scrubbed the tank to the great relief of those two goofballs.

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