Good Morning!

Another week of offshore winds. Our autumn has been glorious, but we are very slowly approaching drought territory.

Watching Shadow of the Thin Man from 1941 and while nearly all of it was done on soundstages and studio backlots, There is one scene with location shots on the seven year old Bay Bridge.

Apparently the film crew actually stopped the traffic on one of the lanes for part of this shot. Also note the two-way traffic on the upper deck as the lower deck was still in use for trains at that time.

Good Morning!

Had to come into the city for a very early meeting - crossed the Golden Gate in the dark and heavy fog, but was rewarded with this gorgeous dawn view of the Bay Bridge.

The Mahimahi arriving this morning from Seattle for a stop in Oakland.

No wait. It's getting even worse!


“We’ve been running a drill on Mars for a year now. It’s got to be deep in the soil by now!”

In celebration of returning from the dead, here is a fog-bow over the Golden Gate.

Calm evening at the Golden Gate.

In the distance is the container ship Ever Libra embarking on a trip across the Pacific to Tokyo.

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