This account will go down by the end of June. You can find me at @tsturm

I still follow all the same people on the new account, so you'll see me respond from over there...

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@tsturm @tsturm Do your old and new accounts support moving accounts? If so, I believe it will move (most of) your followers with you.

@readsteven @tsturm I can export the accounts I'm following, but not followers. And when I imported that list, a lot of the people I follow got a new-follower notification, I guess.

As far as I understand, you can not export/import followers.

@tsturm The option isn't on the Import/Export screen, it's under Account Settings -> "Move to a different account"

@readsteven Ah. I didn't see that yesterday. I wonder what happens to people who are now already following the new account AND the old account.

I hope I'm not crossing the plasma streams there. ๐Ÿ˜…

@readsteven Huh. Cool - this actually worked. Thanks for the tip! It's weird that this is not mentioned in the import/export page of the account settings.

@tsturm You're welcome!

You're right, it should be exposed a little better. I'm not sure how I even stumbled upon it. (I haven't moved account yet, but knew it has been an option for about 6 months.)

@readsteven Now I have to do that one more time... the Western Quakes bot is hosted at - for the later Japan Quake bot I started out on, so only of them is impacted.

@readsteven OK, the bot has been moved, too. I'm now pretty much completely off within 20 hours of hearing of upcoming trouble. Didn't lose a follower or any of the people I'm following on two accounts.

Mastodon's federation is actually pretty cool!

@tsturm Glad to hear it works as advertised! (Lets hope all admins give notice before shutting down their servers.)

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