Lazy Fedi Question:

What do people use nowadays to layout a book or magazine? The last book I did was in Quark and the last magazine layout I worked on was with InDesign.

What is the best option now and please let it be something without Adobe being involved?

@tsturm I have not had to use it yet, but Serif, whose Photoshop and Illustrator alternatives are excellent, have released Publisher, their InDesign alternative.

(At least it's 90 day free trial and on sale right now for $25.)

@tsturm (I'm generally against things making more noises, but I was kind of aghast when I discovered new Macs forwent the iconic startup sound.)

@readsteven Yeah, they are completely silent. I don't think I like it... will turn that sound back on.

@tsturm (Gah, I jumped a thread! Sorry for tangling up your stream. Have an unsourced photo of a majestic cat as an apology.)

@tsturm I think I have tracked down the source for that photo. Photographer Robert Sijka, who specializes in making Maine Coon cats look (even more) stunning.

@readsteven Serif is making a real push to replace Adobe's subscription-based garbage fire.

@tsturm It's about time someone did. Adobe has gone full "Customers are just an unfortunate cost of doing business."

However their industry momentum is enormous, and I still keep a full Adobe subscription because of various client needs.

*Looks around* Wait, I don't have any clients right now!
*Cancels Adobe*

@tsturm for RPG material I either use LaTeX with the Tufte class or these days I try to use Markdown files that are converted to HTML, styles using CSS and turned into a PDF using weasyprint.
Free software people sometimes like to use Scribus but I’m not hardcore enough.

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