Our kid's school just announce the extension of the closure until May 1st.

...cabin fever intensifies.

@petra Oh, no... I had already warned him that it won't be just three weeks. But now it's official and he misses hanging out with his buddies. They do video chats every day, but it's of course not the same.

@tsturm this year is going to teach a lot of kids the value of going to school

@petra Our kid loves to go to his school - so he is already missing it a lot. But yes, this will leave a permanent impression on a lot of young minds.

@tsturm good luck! Mine are out until April 13, I have a feeling they'll extend it.

@tsturm I'm only out until April 19th MAYBE.


I'm half tempted to just hard landscape part of the garden. I've always wanted terraces. Something to do.

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