After working from home for a few days and realizing that this might be going on for several months, I'm seriously going to have to think about exercise. Maybe take a brisk walk or bike ride every morning.

@tsturm I have a simple pedometer and aim for the generic 10,000 steps a day.

It's not linked to any tangible rewards systems (like redeemable coupons, etc) apart from in-app achievements. I find making to 10k steps to be an achievement by itself without cheating (swinging the pedometer while standing still, etc.)

@tsturm FWIW, I’ve worked from home for years. First thing, I try to get a 4-mile walk in. And then I work standing up until at least noon. It does really make a difference.

@tsturm I found a good APP on F-Droid that reminds me to exercise. It doesn't make me leave the house though (which is fine by me since I prefer to avoid people in general).

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