OMG!!! It has arrived!

45 minutes before I need to go to the airport, but still.

First impression: It looks awesome! This is an amazing achievement. And the manual is incredible - there is so much work and love that went into this computer.

Can’t wait until I can actually plug it in next week! 😅

Sinclair ZX Spectrum?
Has it been in the mail for 35 years? 😉


@fitheach LOL - only 48 hours from somewhere in England to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. :)

That Kickstarter was so well organized - it took much longer than expected to actually put the manufacturing together, but the end result is stunning and even the shipping of the Next across the whole world was perfect.

The whole thing looks amazing, the hardware and the packaging. In fact, much better looking than the original.

All you need now is a cassette tape deck and a CRT TV, and you will have created that authentic 1980s feel.

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