I'm an expert in ducks
At least, comicbook-wise!
(I've read most of the Carl Barks production)

@Eidon Yes, but have you read the Disney comic books out of Italy? The books are super-popular in Germany and our kid loves them! I think they translate them into several (most?) EU languages...

@tsturm I know very well all the Italian artists (Scarpa, Carpi, Bottaro, De Vita senior and junior, ... many many artists) and I love them very much! Romano Scarpa in particular created many new interesting characters and conceived wonderful stories ^_^

@Eidon The kid particularly loves the Duck Avenger (Phantomias in German) stories. :)

@tsturm Ah, we call him "Paperinik" ^_^ I can understand the name Phantomias though, as in the very first story it is explained that Donald becomes "superhero" after having found the diary and equipment of "Fantomius", a legendary Robin-Hood-like hero ^_^

@Eidon @xeno That flying Citroen DS in one of the movies blew my mind as a 7-year old. 😅

@tsturm @xeno uhm I think I need to watch those movies again ^_^'


@Eidon @xeno Same here! I think our kid is now old enough to watch them together! :)

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