When you think you are pretty accomplished in Kerbal Space Program and Youtube slides this into your suggestions:

@tsturm I mean, it is Friday afternoon, and next week is holiday shortened...

@readsteven That video blows my mind on so many levels. The reusable launch system with its own strongback tower all by itself is amazing.

@tsturm The percentage of stuff in the video that I could pull off is around 0.01%. (Lots of neat ideas to try, though. I've never even launched a VTOL rocked from the runway.)

@readsteven Same here - 0.01%. And then there is also the video where he lands an aircraft carrier on Eve. There are a couple of stock-builds in this video that make my brain melt:

@tsturm I, uh... may have sworn at that video. (Love rethinking the airplane designs for Eve's atmosphere.)

@readsteven It's really amazing what one can do in KSP. The propellers and motors for those boxkite planes in that video are all made from stock parts!

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