I think it's time to have a conversation about programming conferences and if it makes sense for people to fly halfway around the world to read out loud the slides they have on their websites.

You know, those slides about technologies that make information sharing on the web easier.

@tsturm You don't go to conferences for passive sessions, but for Q&A, roundtables, networking, and hands-on labs. The sessions are something you do if you have free time.

@mdhughes I understand they have a social value. But I don't buy any of the information sharing value. All of that information is on the web.

And frankly, I don't think companies should sponsor their employees flights to these things - that's essentially a tax subsidy to pump half a ton of jetfuel into the atmosphere for every transcontinental meetup.

@tsturm Every WWDC, NFJS, JavaOne, or GDC I've ever been to has paid off 10x the cost in jobs and solving problems with hands-on labs. It's not "social" for fun, it's social for work.

Very little of that information is on the web, you're not going to get correct low-level technical information from StackUnderflow, because nobody with a real job has time for that.

Fuel is an entirely different problem, but we're probably not going to switch to trains and boats for conferences.

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