ZIL is a simplified functional language based on MDL for the PDP-10. It's not a full-featured lisp, having only the features that are required to run a text-based adventure game on a late 1970s microcomputer. So yes to functions and macros and such, no to car or cdr.

It compiles to Z-code, which runs in an interpreter that's been ported to basically every computer platform capable of text I/O.

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The original compiler never surfaced but the bytecode language was reverse-engineered back in the late 80s-early 90s (which gave us Inform). The original ZIL language was a mystery until documentation surfaced in the form of an original Infocom manual.

I'm using ZILF (bitbucket.org/jmcgrew/zilf) to compile my own ZIL code into version 3 Z-code story files which run in Frotz (and presumably original Infocom interpreters but I don't have any downloaded).

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@luigithirty Oh this is cool. And the language example in your screenshot looks actually pretty simple. That could be a fun project with the kid! 😀

@tsturm It includes a couple sample projects and already comes with a parser and standard library.

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