Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of those places on all the tourists' must-see lists. But it feels like a lot of them are so busy trying to see the place that they don't actually *see* the place.

The main doors are covered in this beautiful ironwork, with flowers and swirling botanical motifs. I think it's beautiful. But most people just rush in and rush out without even pausing to look at it.

Wherever you go, remember to keep your eyes open. There's always so much to see everywhere, even where others see nothing.

@InvaderXan So true. I'm always baffled by people who travel halfway around the world to see some place and then they have no time to experience anything.

They walk in, take a picture and walk out.

Yeah, it's funny. On one hand, I'll never chastise people for taking photographs, because I do all the time. On the other hand, some people seem to just want a collection of holiday photos and little else.

Especially around a place like Paris, I see lots of people take the standard cheesy smile photos without even stopping to look at what it is they're posing next to.

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