Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees, native to Southeast Asia, look like something from a fairytale. Their beautiful trunks are a result of how their bark grows.

As the trees grow, they shed flakes of bark, revealing bright green, young bark underneath. Slowly, this fresh bark ages and fades though a variety of colours – blue, purple, pink, orange, and finally a dark maroon colour. This final dark coloured bark falls away, repeating the cycle.

Image source: pixels.com/featured/rainbow-eu


@InvaderXan I would probably break several laws by planting nothing but Rainbow Eucalyptus all over the neighborhood, but it might be worth it.

Yeah, I think eucalyptus can be invasive in some climates, so maybe not the best.

@solarpunkgnome @tsturm
That depends on the climate and the eucalyptus species. There are already places in North America growing it ornamentally. But maybe the dry climate in places like Texas helps keep it under control.

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