Question, does anyone know what mastadon is looking for in a page to show an status-card__image?

My fuzzy tree photo from 500px is included with an overlay with "show or go" options.
When I include an url from my own site in the same way I just adds an url.


I assume that there's an piece of metadata responsible, but ....

Anybody in the know who has an idea?


@Jondor As far as I know Mastodon looks for the Twitter meta tags for cards.

On my site I have both the Twitter and opengraph versions. I get the correct cards in Mastodon.

@tsturm thanks.. As it seems my site code supports some of those metatags, but not all.. Time for some weekend hacking! ;-)

@tsturm After some more research (couldn't wait for the weekend) I see that your toots show the same card as mine do but those are not what I'm looking for,

In your toos there a link to a youtube video which has the "play or go" overlay. This is what I'm searching for. Why do links from youtube (and 500px) show this overlay and why doesn't my site?!


@Jondor Ah! I see what you mean. Youtube links get this big preview that is different from a regular site link card. Hmm.... I want that, too! 😊

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