It seems Plume 0.2.0, which is the only release and the only version I can find hosted anywhere, doesn't even seem to be acknowledging follow requests from instances. Plume itself seems to understand that I have followed it from Mastodon, but it doesn't deliver new posts to my Mastodon inbox (aka home timeline)

Pterotype, a plugin that integrates WordPress with ActivityPub, is explicitly in beta and I'd have to sign up and link them to my blog (which doesn't exist yet) to even try it.

I think I'm... going to... have to write my own simple federated blogging system that publishes full `Article` activities and actually correctly handles follows using my ExpressJS ActivityPub server as a starting place.

But! I want to to start this blog on Jan 1 and there's no way I'm writing that software in a day so. I think for now I'll do a "normal" blog and convert the RSS to ActivityPub with my converter software


@darius I’ve actually written a new blogging app with ExpressJS and in hoping to integrate your ActivityPub server with it... was also aiming for early January for the blog to be done and it’s close! 😊

@darius Sorry - wanted to get back to you but was busy driving around Death Valley. 😊

I'm migrating my Wordpress blog to a handcrafted MySQL/ExpressJS solution - I picked Express specifically because I saw your ActivityPub starter kit.

I will probably try and open the source for the blog, but right now there are still some rough patches that I'll need to clean up. I've built this mostly for what I need, but it might still make a good starting point for others.

@tsturm I mean that's pretty much my starter kit's whole deal so yeah!

@darius Right now I'm focusing on finishing all the blog features and then I'll grab your AP source and will connect them - it shouldn't be too hard since I'm keeping the blog as lightweight as possible.

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