@wilw I’m so sorry. Please find an instance with a better admin. Mastodon is better with you in it.

@fraying @wilw Yes! People have been talking about instances specifically for celebrities and/or brands - maybe that's actually what it takes to make Mastodon work for everybody.

@tsturm @fraying Are celebrities not people too? Are they destined always to be treated differently because of _how others treat them_? That's just wrong, imo. If Mastodon can't work for a person who wants to just be a part of a community, but who happens to be famous, then it doesn't work for anyone.

@suw @tsturm @fraying but it DOES work. Don't like your instance on mastodon? Move on to a (cozy, smaller, more personal) instance or set up an instance yourself. At least thats the idea. An interconnected network of social networks with different policies and sentiments. I'm not really sure if this will work in the long run, but - except from Wil's understandable frustration - today there is nothing that actually keeps him from moving to a party in the fediverse where he's welcome.

@itmerc @tsturm @fraying No, nothing to stop WilW moving to another instance... except the pain and hurt he's already experienced which has put him off being involved in Mastodon at all. The horse had bolted once the harassment started. You can't just ask people to keep moving on from instance to instance because you can't deal with bullies.

@suw @tsturm @fraying I don’t expect Wil to come back to the fediverse, he has been burned on more than one platform. That’s sad. Yet I think that the fediverse is a technical habitat with potential for a better culture to grow. Because of compartmentalization / isolation of the sewers and federation to have a diverse set of instances catering to people who want to stick together.
It really reminds me of BBS networks, even because you need technical expertise to operate one.

@itmerc @suw @tsturm Yes, we understand how federation works. Usenet was also decentralized and unmoderated. And that worked out GREAT.

@fraying @suw @tsturm I have very fond memories of discussions in gblf-groups on usenet news, on FidoNet and Zerberus. The latter two were moderated, obviously. I remember flame wars, but I don’t remember that level of vitriol and aggression that can be seen on the birdsite or Facebook.


@itmerc @fraying @suw As I mentioned before, the FidoNet moderation system was draconian, but it worked.

And Mastodon is actually a very close modern version of the way Fidonet was organized.

All it takes is to have a majority of instance owners to agree to cut out instances that can't keep their users to stick to some simple community rules and it is exactly like Fidonet. Which - from my experience with Fido - would not be a bad outcome for Mastodon.

@tsturm @fraying @suw OTOH those were different times and FidoNet was - in my memories - mostly about communication, not about celebrities, propaganda or financial gain. In Germany it was badly wounded by a schisma after a secret reorg.
, because power over the node list was in very few hands.
This is not possible in the fediverse, yet, but.

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