@wilw I’m so sorry. Please find an instance with a better admin. Mastodon is better with you in it.

@fraying @wilw Yes! People have been talking about instances specifically for celebrities and/or brands - maybe that's actually what it takes to make Mastodon work for everybody.

@tsturm @fraying Are celebrities not people too? Are they destined always to be treated differently because of _how others treat them_? That's just wrong, imo. If Mastodon can't work for a person who wants to just be a part of a community, but who happens to be famous, then it doesn't work for anyone.

@suw @fraying I agree, but nothing is ever perfect. Large companies might want to join as a branded accounts - people have already thought loudly about a separate brand instance for these accounts - maybe celebrities from a certain popularity on must be treated like a brand - they have unusual needs for engaging with other users and also blocking/muting/account management.

@tsturm @suw the dude isn’t even that famous. This is a clearcut example of an instance admin who misplaced their spine.

@fraying @tsturm Celebs are the key edge case for social networks that define whether or not the admins have fully thought through their abuse policies: Their asymmetrical networks make them vulnerable to attack, as does their fame. If a network/admins can't deal with that, they have no business running a social network.

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