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I'm now operating three bots on Mastodon:

Launch Radar Bot - @launchradar

Western Quakes Bot - @westquake

Japan Quake Bot - @japanquake

Hypatia of Alexandria
If you had Hollywood blockbuster money, what obscure historical figure/event would you make a big-budget movie about?

Tractors for hauling around molten metal are the sci-fi-est real thing I’ve learned about today. (Call for pricing.)

I love living in a place that is usually a desktop picture

I felt so disappointed recently when I found out through my niece and nephew who are in grade 8 and 7 in Halton, Ontario, that their schools use Google Classroom as their primary digital learning and classroom interaction platform.

Even more disturbing was their complete dependence on Google Search for anything and everything to do with the internet.

They do not understand that Google Search is just one search engine among many. For them, the internet begins and ends with Google.

@SuperGideon This also works for disrupting fascist rallies: if someone recorded the rallies with the copyrighted music, the Horned Rat would go after them as well and help stop the video from spreading.



Which app did you start your Social Media life on?

1.) Facebook
2.) Kik
3.) Snapchat
4.) Instagram
5.) Telegram
6.) Twitter
7.) MySpace
8.) None of the above


May we all draw our self portraits as generously as Gustave Courbet did

I am unsure what's in this box, but it's probably bad

Food containers. 

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