What're the best news accounts around here?

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Masto 2 weeks ago : Haha ✅ I'm verified user lololol

Life comes at you fast.

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went for a stroll on the local and fed, came right back to home, can't understand a thing ...
Hard to know who to follow

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@truss Great idea! Keyboard shortcuts often give power users a great way to get things done.

there should be keyboard shortcuts on the web client.
H - left column
J - scroll down
K - scroll up
L - right column

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variable width style for mastodon doesn't seem to be working for me. Tried chrome and Firefox, didn't work on any of the two ...

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New startup idea: Google maps, but for books.

Life is too short to read every books. I want to be able to zoom out and scroll fast through boring/easy stuff and still get the idea, and zoom in to read in details the interesting parts.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the only way I could possibly read Marx or Kant.

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Ok. Federated is crazy. Home is slow. Local is mostly a language I don't understand. I need to follow more people I think.

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#newinstance #instances Hey everyone, creativity.cafe is here! It's an instance for artists and creators of any kind - painters, glitch artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, whatever! And even just enthusiasts. If you're into art-y things and want to hang with other people who are too, come join us!

It's invite-only to keep it nice and cozy, but getting an invite is easy - just DM me what handle and email you want. :)

Please give me a little boost if you're into the idea! <3

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I have applied a domain block of type silence with reject_media toggled on to pawoo.net, because of increasing reports of loli content.

This type of domain block is not yet exposed from admin UI, so I'll probably follow up with an explanation on how to do it, but if you're an instance admin you can just use the "suspend" option for a nuclear solution to the problem.

I also intend to open up a GitHub issue for discussion about content caching strategies.

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@Gargron @pixiv thank you for FINALLY addressing this. I wish @TheAdmin would do the same on .cloud just gotta avoid the federated and local for now, sticking to home only.

it would be great if the trending bots didn't use # before the words. When you search for 90% of the toots are from bots …

@TheAdmin would it be possible to let users block entire instances? I heard the admins can do that for us but it would be great if that feature was available to the users

It would be great if it was possible to block an entire instance

So the federated went from 90% French posts to 99% Japanese posts. It's getting harder to understand posts. Starting to abandon the federated TL …

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Emma Goldman/USA 

Emma Goldman

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In 2012, Trump, then a private citizen, tweeted: “Why is @BarackObama spending millions to try and hide his records? He is the least transparent President--ever--and he ran on transparency.”

Trump White House will not make logs of visitors available to public


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