If you're interested in customer experience or experience design, you might like the webinar we have coming up. bit.ly/winsomex . And you might we a copy of Brian Solis' new book too.

Ahead of the webinar in two weeks, here is my review of Brian Solis' book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

Here's why I think folks, especially here, will dig this. One: we're here on Mastodon because birdsite isn't cutting it. Why? The experience was getting sucky.
Two: you get to ask questions. Often when Brian talks he doesn't have a chance to answer questions. I've known Brian for years. I did an interview with him Monday for a post on the webinar. Getting to ask questions is essential to understanding .

If you have any questions, let me know.

On May 17th, Infobip is hosting a webinar with UX thought leader Brian Solis on designing communications for better customer experiences


Oh hi ... yes, I hang out on cybre.space mostly, but I have a more business and less cyberpunk thing to share.

I got into cybre.space! @trishussey@cybre.space. I'm going to try the two tab thing for a while. Though I am going to import followers from here.

A bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "I'll have..........a beer."
The bartender says "What's with the huge pause?"
The bear shrugs and says "I was born with them".

From "In the Pale Moonlight":

"My father used to say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I laid the first stone right there. I'd committed myself. I'd pay any price; go to any lengths because my cause was righteous. My... intentions were good. In the beginning, that seemed like enough."

- Sisko

I love this episode because it shows how Sisko rationalizes his actions and it is very relatable because we've all done this rationalizing dance in our heads.

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I have learned that if I want to get an account on cybre.space I must watch @psa closely. Silly me for doing things like work...

Can I ask a favour, Mastodon? Could you boost this into the Federated TL as @GinnyMcQueen needs help with a major medical bill? She's a great content creator and that's what the internet is built on these days. Check out her YT channel in her bio. I'm sure you can spare £1/€1/$1. Just one monetary unit and then boost it on to someone else in your TL. Thanks. paypal.me/ginnymcqueen

look econ textbook, i know you're trying to have 'relevant examples' by bringing up this Microsoft monopoly lawsuit but software has never been and never will be a product with real scarcity

software scarcity is the fakest shit and only exists to emulate the constraints of physical products because that's what everything is based on and it all breaks once that's gone

I had a grand old time as the guest presenter at tonight’s Google Developer Group Sun Coast Meetup. My presentation: “Android and Augmented Reality”, where I showed attendees how to code a Snapchat Lens-style Android augmented reality app. My thanks to everyone who attended!

meetup.com/GDGSUNCOAST/events/ mastodon.cloud/media/X5DLUHTh8

How to build a mastodon brand in one simple step:

I wrote the following article in my response to an essay on Mastodon PCMag wrote in Medium today. I wrote that is not and actually a lot more fun and easy to use contrary to their claim that twitter is easier to use than Mastodon. Here is the full text:
What would you say?

I wonder how many of these accounts posing as media outlets like zerohedge, RT, The Verge, CNN, etc are just random dude(tte)s who have wired up a bot to the real news service's output.

How To Dual-boot Ubuntu And Windows

You have #Windows10 but you want to start testing out #Ubuntu in a more serious way. This guide will show you how to easily install Ubuntu alongside an existing Win 10 and how to choose at bootup which you want to use.

Don't snigger.... this is how I learnt Linux alongside Vista many years ago.

See bit.ly/2oSRwyS


The federated feed is the social network version of a cocktail party. This is exactly what happens when you try to have an honest, interesting conversation with boring liars.

So ... anyone run across a good instance for cyberpunk fiction? How about general geekiness?

Something that exists can always be improved. And allows multiple people to do the improving.

Something that is held only in your mind is fragile and cannot be supported by anyone but yourself.

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