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I'm jumping ship over to @daedalus instance and will see you all there

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@GordyPls @daedalus yeah, my Android client has a favourite user function, so I have a list which is my main go to - FW, a couple of high yield infection accounts and Good Tweeps (eg like JW). I think the news side of things here will ramp up pretty soon

@GordyPls @daedalus like I said this morning, I get lots of bugdoc stuff via twitter now, and none of that has made it over here yet

@GordyPls @daedalus and I apologise to all of you for the terrible grammar in that toot.

@GordyPls @daedalus though I do wonder with self hosting where the line between making the instance timeline not like wetting your lips with a firehose and creating your own filter bubble full of people you like is, though.

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@daedalus @trentyarwood "Ok, fine. Justin has built his own instance and I've built a bot on the second day that I've been here and everything's swell. Looking at Twitter atm it's kinda like switching on Channel 7 News after a week of watching the ABC."

@GordyPls @daedalus ikr? It appeals very much to the contrarian in me. And that you can self host it is like the chocolate coated coffee bean on top

@GordyPls @daedalus grats for being the first one to troll me like that on Mastodon, Giovanni.

@GordyPls @daedalus my install failed yesterday. But then I'm not an it professional

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Whinging, parenting 

Whinging, parenting 

@jpwarren I'm missing all my science tweeps, but in terms of the news and banter, this is great

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