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got tomorrow off, you know what that means.

actively engaging in concentrated depression deep into the night!!!!!

I'm high as hell,
My dad is playing BF1
My cat is up against the speaker

lol just realized i've been chronically depressed for a whole damn decade now lmao

always rate cities according to their 24 hour dining options

Everybody at a bar near your high school looks like they still go to your high school

any thanksgiving babies out there? born end of august?

me, 17, reading lovecraft: whooaaaa what the hell was in this guys head! where did this cosmic terror come from...

[many decades earlier]

hp lovecraft, walking outside once and seeing a bug: whAT THE FUCK IS THAT
a nonwhite woman: oh thats a bug
hp lovecraft, sobbing: WHAT IS HAPPENING....

some little strip mall on the beach with a bar at one end

*to the tune of sweet Caroline* iiii'm so alone, oh oh ohhh

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