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i was radicalized when i went to college, like many people.

when i was heading into 8th grade, i went to the university ofsouthern mississippi and bought the communist manfiesto from the university bookstore.

i spent all summer reading it and listening to good news for people who love bad news by modest mouse until i got kicked out for flipping somebody off and refusing to write an essay about why that was wrong.

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mastodon: come b/c some twitter accounts you know got banned, stay because you have become one with the tootstream

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I met a girl last night and i think we're into each other. But i dont know how flirting works, so there's a 50/50 chance i'm just totally wrong

my new years resolution is to be more of a pothead and less of a drunk

2019 is the year i realized virtual rerality speedrunning was a thing

take me to an opulent garden party and put me down with ketamine

pissin & hockin loogies: the post-shower IMAX experience

if you dont have a preplanned suicide pact with your best friend that is codenamed and ready to activate at either party's discretion, what are you even doing

i got a bud vape for xmas and i just keep getting stupendously, disastrously stoned before i can realize whats even happening

you have been visited by the AIRLINE SEAT EMOJI.

this emoji is RARELY EVER USED and thus brings you GREAT FORTUNE. no action is required. enjoy your new good luck.

Binary people can use they/them pronouns too.

Non-binary people can use whatever pronouns they want because if you try to stop them they will unleash their hellish energies onto you and you will surely perish.

currently halfway between where i was and where i should b3

Might fuck around and keep money in my wallet and organize hip-hop concerts with Israeli and Palestinian rappers, with a project called Corner Prophets, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

what kinda kitchen closes 3 hours before the bar?

give me french fries

seconds away from dipping a pickle into sour cream just because its an option

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