Last major update to the HexBinStates project for a while.

Most formats are posted in WGS84, Web Mercator, and National Atlas SRS.

Attribute tables include State name, postal abbreviation, and FIPS code.

Formats include:
File Geodatabase
GeoJSON (now in the correct WGS84 SRS)
and GML

Arkham Asylum is on sale for $4.99 on Steam. I recommend it. Sometimes it's nice to spend time in a world where you can deal with crime and corruption simply by punching it.

Oh yes and "private" has been renamed to more fitting "followers-only".

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After the phone call from Cupertino, at a very considerate time for my time zone, by the way, I now find a friendly message in my message box from the reviewer, plus his personal contact info.

This whole thing is making a very good impression. Apple genuinely tries to keep the app store according to their rules, but also reaches out.

#11t #mastodev

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administration: distributed computing with a network of four high-powered servers

admaxistration: distributed computing with a network of eight thousand hacked IoT coffee makers

This is what a gigabyte of data looks like in hardcopy form. I point it out to my son whenever he complains about data transfer speeds.

If dogs found out that sometimes we go out to eat at restaurants without them they'd probably be a little bit pissed off about it

Our town is slowly rolling out municipal broadband. Any doubts I had about buying in disappeared today.

my favourite thing about people complaining about mastodon not being architected in a manner that's friendly to marketers/brands/analytics, is that the people don't realise mastodon might have been designed that way for a reason

I have applied a domain block of type silence with reject_media toggled on to, because of increasing reports of loli content.

This type of domain block is not yet exposed from admin UI, so I'll probably follow up with an explanation on how to do it, but if you're an instance admin you can just use the "suspend" option for a nuclear solution to the problem.

I also intend to open up a GitHub issue for discussion about content caching strategies.

I can read and comprehend about 15% of the federated timeline.

And I think this is awesome.

I, for one, am super cool with seeing a bunch of languages screaming past me in the federated time-line, despite the fact that I can only read english.

I find things like these are a good reminder of how big the world is, and how interconnected we are becoming as a species.

It's why I set my twitter trends section to "worldwide."

I like Mastodon because the world doesn't seem to be falling apart here.

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