A colleague is asking me what PR should do with . Hm, I think understanding the principles of M is a first step. This should lead to the insight that branding, corporate communications or marketing are misplaced here. Would this answer be reasonable?

Lots of expert statements on the future of free spech, trolls, anonymity and news on the web pewinternet.org/2017/03/29/the
The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online

Good piece from @sargoth about building communities, about "cyberoptimish", and about doing something a bit different within Mastodon - medium.com/@sargoth/mastodon-p

I understand my social bookmarks as reading recommandations for others and I'm happy that my favorit service Refind.com now offers feeds for this. Wrote a short blog post (in GER) on it. The bookmarks are in GER and EN, topics are tech, politics, online communication.

Ethical Design Manifesto


• Human rights
• Human effort
• Human experience


There's an app for that: Using Mastodon with now which is working really fine.

The fact that the only info required from Mastodon to create an account is an email address - means there's limited chance of the platform being turned into an advertising platform. Like Facebook.

So more and more people seem to get confused by Facebook and its new functions. To me it sounds like Facebook has a serious problem to keep its users active. Guess, many of them feel similar like I do: The platform seems more and more a waste of time and the algorithm is making things even worse. So I'm curious where playing with Mastodon will lead to.



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