"According to all known laws of computing, there is no way that #Emacs should be able to edit. Its bytecode engine is just too old to get those fat buffers off the ground. Emacs, of course, edits anyway, because Emacs doesn't care what humans think is impossible."

Hypothesis: Software would be way more efficient if all development happened on low- to mid-tier hardware.

Gaming on Linux can now be supported on Liberapay !

Liberapay is a donations platform to help you fund the creators and projects you appreciate.

In comparison to more well known Patreon, The FEES ARE LOWER, you can also put a lump sum into your "wallet" to then dish it out to anyone on the service.

Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, its source code is open, public.


#Liberapay #Patreon #donation #Linux #gaming #OpenSource


'drawing pins'.

I've always wondered.

'thumb tacks'.


And then I was enlightened.

i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

Seeing some new Mastodon followers thanks to a @BryanLunduke retweet!

Hellooo new folks 👋👋👋

KDE's Goals for 2018 and Beyond: Top-notch Usability and Productivity for Basic Software, Privacy Software, Streamlined Onboarding of New Contributors



Net Neutrality ruins web forums, you go on to view the current posts, but every one is about Net Neutrality

#Tech: #privacy researchers find "a staggering variety" of clandestine trackers in #Android smartphone apps theintercept.com/2017/11/24/st It's assumed, but not yet documented that the same situation exists for iOS apps

All videos of all the talks of #Akademy2017 are now available on YouTube:


Loads of interesting videos in there. For example:

Find out how the Kdenlive project is re-inventing the timeline for video-editing:


Learn some neat tricks form Dmitri "Digikam Ninja" Popov:


Check out the state of the art of Mycroft, your open source, voice-enabled personal assistant:


Am I a free software fanatic? 😳 Literally the first thing I do when discovering new software: ➡️ is there a link to a repo? ➡️ What is the license?

@klaatu It seems like the entire web is just a sloppy hack tacked on to something that was not designed to do this much or last this long.

We really need a redesigned web that is fundamentally different from the ground up than what we have now. Security and ease of administration should be key focuses.

i am physically exhausted which is part of why i want to be really cynical about the next stage of net neutrality's death, but i'm actually seeing a tremendous amount of "it's time to stop calling your local whatever and start replacing the goddamn web" and that gives me faith.

replacing every infected part of the web is a tremendous task that people never stopped working on. we can do this. we are doing it!

#Followup: when asked directly #KdeNeon on birdsite has this to say on roadmap for 2018: "Yes it'll switch to Plasma 5.12 LTS with tested upgrade" and when asked if it will remain on Ubuntu LTS 16.04 or not after april: "It'll switch to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS when it's out"

Hey! Small reminder: do NOT use unetbootin in 2017!

It was made at a time when ISOs images of Linux distros weren't compatible with USB, and changed their bootloaders to make them able to be booted from an USB stick.

This is NOT necessary nowadays as all modern distro images CAN boot from an USB stick. Changing their bootloader with unetbootin's hacks break some installers because they will think they booted from a CD-ROM, and will look for a CD-ROM, won't find it and you won't be able (cont.)

KDE Student Programs is pleased to announce the 2018 Season of KDE for those who want to participate in mentored projects that enhance KDE in some way.

Season of KDE offers an opportunity to everyone (not just students) to participate in both code and non-code projects that benefits the KDE ecosystem.


theres something kinda hostile-feeling about all technology being black & metallic? beige was boring but it had the advantage that it blended in well with most home decor. it's a comfy hue

this in contrast to what most people think of as 'beige' these days which isnt beige, but is actually 'beige plastic with fire resistant bromides that has gone a fuckin garbage yellow brown after 20 years'

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As someone who used windows phone a lot recently, I have to say that the amount of absolutely inexplicable extremely shit looking apps available on Android is on a whole different level from even that

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