Trying to redirect my Mastodon to my much more active

It looks like is either about community or about transition.

I think @documentally's newsletter reports from the future.

Setting up a collaborative project involving the collection of artefacts, if you get my gist.

"As the election draws near, intrigues intensify, and agitation increases and spreads. The citizens divide into several camps, each behind its candidate. A fever grips the entire nation. The election becomes the daily grist of the public papers, the subject of private conversations, the aim of all activity.” Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835.

Animal Crackers, one of the five major food groups of my childhood, are no longer caged!

I have more than a decade of audio musings and now think several playlists of them could be the foundation of a book. Fiction, of course.

@jamescridland nice to see real voices slowly migrate with Mastodon.

@conoro It's sweet to see when I pin the Mastodon Cloud on my Android home screen, I get notifications faster than on my laptop. Clever the way code works.

Seeking new places that break my filter bubble.

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