Tootle v1.10.2 is released.
- Fix stability issue with video player
- Fix font issue in account selection
- Do not append attachment image url to toot
- Upgrade to Swift 4.2

What that stupid bug apostrophe is shown as '9' ... will be fixed in next version.

Tootle v1.10.0 is released.
- Support List API (for v2.1~ instances)
- Support Pleroma(yet another OStatus-compatible open social networking service)
- Show whole image in toot detail
- Show URL card in toot detail
- Now all ads are gone🍺

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If anyone is running the beta of iOS 11 and miss having push notifications on Mastodon, @tootleapp (Tootle) has fixed the issue! Way to go!!

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This is my favorite Mastodon app for iOS (I tried them all): @tootleapp

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