Me and my friends would have killed John Mastadon with hammers I can tell you that much.

Southern AirBnBs are different. Like there's no wine in the welcome basket but there is a Baptist Hymnal.

How to have a "beach body":

1) You're already 70% water, which is a good start

2) Replace the other 30% with sand

I spent a little while talking to ChatGPT about common manifestations of the behavior I was seeing in this loved one, telling it what among its lists of behaviors I was and was not seeing. We also discussed the impacts of those behaviors and I told it where it was scoring hits on how that makes the recipient of such behaviors feel. Then I asked it if it had any modifications to my final draft based on the topics we'd discussed. It did, and they were good.

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I'm currently using ChatGPT to help me write a boundary-setting letter to a loved one. This has been excellent: Just asking it to write a letter for me gave me some ideas I hadn't thought of. I then wrote the first draft of the letter myself, and had the bot give me feedback. I then asked it to give me three examples of versions of my letter that incorporate that feedback. I took bits and pieces from those drafts to make my final letter clearer and kinder.

Dear ISC2:

Get frickin' rekt, you dorks. Those bylaws were unethical trash and you've been delivered a very clear message about our displeasure with them. The only reason we didn't replace the entire board is that you set it up so that no more than one of you could be voted off at a time.

I keep your certification because I need the meal ticket, but I am working hard to create a professional world where you are not neccessary.

-Paul, CISSP

Twitter just disbanded its trust and safety council, per an email shared with Platformer

Amazing. When I checked this story (about #Musk getting #booed on stage at a #Chappelle gig) a couple of hours ago it had 3 embedded #Twitter videos of the booing on it. Since then Musk has had all 3 removed and had the account that posted them deleted —not suspended, deleted—completely.

There's no longer any pretence of it being a free, pluralistic platform.


My experience with Twitter suggests that there's a group of people who cannot understand that online spaces are functionally real, and that people do legitimately get hurt by actions of others.

And without a hint of self-awareness, these same people *feel* relieved or whatever that they can be themselves without fear of repercussion.

Violent Night was not good. It tried to do both Die Hard and Cheesy Hallmark Christmas Movie, and in so doing missed so many opportunities that it became a forgettable disappointment. The Home Alone homage sequences were forced and uncomfortable. The pacing was all wrong and the movie spent lots of time trying to make unlovable characters matter. It was like a parody of the genres it was trying to take on, but not a funny parody.

Dermabond and similar medical-grade superglue products are amazing. On Saturday I cut a deep crescent into the major knuckle of my left index finger. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to keep it closed but also knew that stitches there would be trouble. The NP stopped the bleeding, slathered the glue on, and left me instructions to keep it straight for a day.

24 hours later I was mostly functional and typing.

48 hours later it looks gnarly, but I have full range of motion.


I recently got a call from a recruiter looking to basically drop a bag of money on a mid-level security person with a clearance. I kind of skipped into a senior role, so it wasn't for me.

I reached out to all the 1-3 year people in my network who I knew were in marginal companies. Awkward: They had ALL recently taken similar bag-of-money offers and weren't on the market.

Entry-level is still a mess, but mid and mid-senior infosec is still absolutely bonkers.

Standing in the parking lot with my newest analyst, supervising a media destruction vendor while answering the employee's questions about clearing/purging/destruction for his upcoming CISSP exam, then knocking off early for a long holiday weekend... that was a damned good day.

Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome the Duluth Trading Company Fire Hose were?! This is instantly better than everything in my closet.

I haven't been in my first big fight on Mastodon yet. Who wants to be first? Let's go. *takes off shirt, puts up dukes*

So I assume there's no Twitter Circles equivalent here just yet.

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