the tidy up song will play on loop until morale improves

trying to remember how to program computers to do things

would pay good money to be a fly on the wall in the team meetings for Cummings’ Band of Very Intelligent Men

in a chippy in scotland, the phrase “do you want the cheeseburger in batter?” has just been uttered

love how the whole carriage unites against an attempted seat turfer

there was the time before someone explained to me that the tiger in the tiger who came to tea was actually the patriarchy, and the time after

i had forgotten the david bowie introduction to the snowman

i'll draw this in graphviz, he said. it'll be easy, he said.

looking forward to TBL saving the web again

Get Ready For Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet

cannot shake the dream i had last night: i was in an office, mine, and loads of nerdy men in their 30s and 40s turned up, and started doing loads of intense work, and when i asked what they were doing, they said they were building a microservices architecture, and i asked them why and who asked them to do that and if they could stop, and they just carried on and i couldn't make them stop, and omg what does it mean?

xr in the rain left me spinning - need a break from all the existential dread

All the young people in Hackney know the premium wild swimming spots, it is *heaving* down here ❤️

Hackney Marshes, 8pm, 28C. A woman sits alone, playing the clarinet. A group of men splash and drink in the river. A woman swims past gently. A man from the loading yard opposite shouts “Terry, you cunt!”

in epping, where gaggles of D of E kids are flagging down cyclists to take a look at their garmins

no, i'm not going to use easting and northings, but thanks

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