Get Ready For Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet

cannot shake the dream i had last night: i was in an office, mine, and loads of nerdy men in their 30s and 40s turned up, and started doing loads of intense work, and when i asked what they were doing, they said they were building a microservices architecture, and i asked them why and who asked them to do that and if they could stop, and they just carried on and i couldn't make them stop, and omg what does it mean?

xr in the rain left me spinning - need a break from all the existential dread

All the young people in Hackney know the premium wild swimming spots, it is *heaving* down here ❤️

Hackney Marshes, 8pm, 28C. A woman sits alone, playing the clarinet. A group of men splash and drink in the river. A woman swims past gently. A man from the loading yard opposite shouts “Terry, you cunt!”

in epping, where gaggles of D of E kids are flagging down cyclists to take a look at their garmins

no, i'm not going to use easting and northings, but thanks

just ordered a download link from the ordnance survey which will take 2 hours to arrive 😐

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“It’s not nice to electrocute people,” and other things you say to your toddler.

she told all about the special cancers while reading crib notes off her iphone 7

Got set upon by a 5G conspiracy theorist at the neighbourhood street party

explaining capitalism to a 6 yo through the medium of the legoland queuing system

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