parliament is more crystal maze than i remember

discover weekly is still one of the most happy making things on the internet

i’d forgotten about all the singing vegetables in sesame street

not even pretending to start blogging again this year

feels great to have two successful space missions leading the news in 2019 🚀🛰🌑

3 in 1 lego is the best lego, don’t @ me

everyone only knows one dance, and it is the floss

head of key stage one warning there may be upsetting scenes and parents of a nervous disposition should step outside

the addition of a funktion one sound system this year is unexpected

the overarching aesthetic this year is wall of sound x alibaba

hello and welcome to the year one and two nativity liveblog

of all the genres and subgenres of people, nerds in shared kitchens might be my least favourite

Really good to see @[email protected] building a simple cloud service with just the primitives most web services need. For *most* people AWS/Google Cloud/Azure are a dizzying array of badly named services, with an overly complex identity/auth layer on top.

did a yawn that sounded a bit like the thx sound

Siri consistently confuses me for someone who dials into meetings. Those days are over my friend.

“Toyota have this concept called “Genchi Genbutsu”, which means something like “actual place, actual thing”. No matter how many reports, data, pictures, nothing beats actually going to see the thing itself, studying it, discussing about it, in front of the actual problem.”

“For example, the inside ribs of a Hilux’s wheels in Brazil is about 5mm thicker than the ones in Thailand, so they can withstand 12G, instead 10G, because they did a survey of Brazil potholes, found out they are 20% bigger compared to a Thailand pothole.”

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