Contains tech anxiety 

I feel like I got PTSD from my last start-up and don’t quite know how to get back to normal.

@metagrrrl oh I would love to, but I don’t have my prescription yet.

Rewatching old episodes of Doctor Who to pass the time. Feeling a bit emo at the moment, trying to work out what to do with myself post-start-up. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Also, suddenly aware that I need reading glasses because I can barely read the Mastodon interface on my phone.

@metagrrrl (I just wanted to add that I hope I didn’t sound like a dick. I’m not sure anyone really appreciates hearing about other people’s semi-successful health tricks. Particularly as everyone’s patterns are so different.

Definitely feel like my Twitter now is effectively my political stuff and that anything else I write about confuses and annoys half the people following me. Try not to care - I mean it’s your stuff, you can say what you want - but I do think people have slightly forgotten that I work in tech and so product strategy and design work. The politics stuff may be damaging my career, is what I’m saying, as well as my ability to just talk about crap.

@metagrrrl Yeah this is super annoying. I feel like it drives you to eat prepackaged food more so you can track stuff effectively. I have a bunch of medium okay ready meals in the fridge - “healthy eating power bowls” for when I need a snack. They’re like 300 calories which is basically two cans of coke or a medium sized chocolate bar, and I eat them instead of sweet things when I want a snack.

@metagrrrl I’ve spent quite a lot of the last year trying to lose weight in a reasonable and it’s been pretty successful. I’ve got rid of thirty pounds. I’m not going to pretend it was a magic solution but I basically just tried to avoid all sugary food and 90% cut out rice, pasta, bread and potatoes from my diet. And tried to eat a salad most days at some point. It’s been very slow but not super hard work and I’ve dropped roughly half a pound to a pound a week for a year.

But it feels like there’s an environmental pressure to try and find a way to make it work which feels like it inevitably pushes you into doing work you think might be wasteful, unnecessary or plain wrong. I’m not sure what the right thing to do is.

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@tomcoates I’m trying to work out how to follow on, whether that means not taking the help, trying to express my reservations more clearly, finding a way to compromise, accept that I might be wrong and progress with discomfort, or ... ‘something else’

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I’m trying a bit to express something very frustrating that happened today. I think a short pithy version would be by analogy that someone offered to help with a project, if I was prepared to change the project and it’s deliverables in such a way that I didn’t believe the project itself has a chance of success. So the options were (a) no support (b) a failed product.

Question for the crowd - a lot of people I know are over at - I'm at - is there any reason to transfer? Would it be easier to talk to people? Would discovery be easier? I don't really know the governance of either place, so I can't really make a judgement based on that. Any thoughts? Opinions? Comments?

Posting only to your followers is the wrong way around. What you want to be able to do is just post to the people you follow.

I find Mastodon really confusing. It's too close to Twitter. It's like Uncanny Valley Twitter.

Does everyone else get relentless throttling on their mastodon account?

@wakest @twryst I dunno but I guess you come and you bring your friends?

@migurski I saw you immediately in my feed. Maybe .social is fucked?

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