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for tech employees and practitioners. Tech is never neutral. We need to understand the implications and connections in our work and its consequences. Great thread. @kevinpuj9@twitter.com @justdesigncoop@twitter.com @JusticeInformed@twitter.com @SURJchicago@twitter.com @BreakThe__Chain@twitter.com twitter.com/NeverAgainActn/sta

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Also releasing today: a redesigned Assets Panel.
We updated the nesting structure to make browsing and organizing your libraries much easier. ⚡️

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🆕: Today we’re releasing custom file thumbnails.

Now you can select any frame and set it as the file thumbnail, adding helpful context when you're browsing through files.

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Hey there! I'm working on a React-based design system & need some extra help for the next few weeks. Looking for a frontend designer w/ React experience — and would especially love to hear from women and people of color.

My DMs are open if yer interested and available!

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Hey Beyoncé! Mina Markham is the best person to implement accessibility on the xn--beyonc-gva.com site ✨✊ - Sign the Petition! chng.it/hJMkq6vm via @Change@twitter.com

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I think it's fair to say July Arctic Circle are now at unprecedented levels having surpassed previous highest GFAS estimated July total CO2 emission (2004/2005), & last month's 50 megatonnes (twitter.com/m_parrington/statu
), and still increasing @DrTELS@twitter.com

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And nearly 20% are disabled... when's the last time any of us encountered a disabled Creative Director? twitter.com/jessicahelfand/sta

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Still looking for 50 Non-binary folks in Tech to include in my zine series! BIPOC to the front!
If I've reached out and you haven't filled out the form, here's a gentle reminder to make it happen!
Asking folks to get consent before reccommending someone 💓

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When it comes to design, far too often, disability seems to be approchaed as a branding strategy, rather than a genuine opportunity to create meaningful change.

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Check it out! Today we've posted the schedule of workshops for Dirty Work: Workshops & Skillshares! Check them out below. Which one are you going to?

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Drop your:
📇 Name
📍 Location
📚 Languages (program and human)
🧰 Type of work you love doing

I’m using part of my @github@twitter.com sponsored dev funds is to build a searchable database.

To support this work, you can sponsor me:


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👋🏾This news is going to get drowned out in the WWDC chatter but I was unexpectedly laid off today along with a ton of other wonderful folks. I have 6 years of iOS development experience and would ❤️ any retweets you could send my way

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Today, we are releasing two updates to help make creating and handing-off components easier and faster! 🎉

See thread...

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So excited for this little improvement. 200+ svg icons → @figmadesign@twitter.com components in seconds. 👌

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Dear conference proposal authors:

“Make X Great Again” isn’t a funny talk title. It isn’t ironic. It isn’t delightfully self-deprecating.

Stop it.

Just… Stop it.

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Mistyped it as “het lag” so now we have a term for when you grow up thinking you’re straight

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