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The Republicans found their government overreach, courtesy of their orange baboon

I'm still amazed that one of the biggest things that Biden and the Democrats have accomplished goes so unnoticed
They did the work to start getting lead pipes out of America. That's going save millions of American children from brain damage. We're literally going to have smarter children because of this

How do I use this crazy thing??

I came across this great video from the Linux Experiment, it's well laid out, and concise!

Orange Baboon Related

Meta is letting everyone's favorite shit slinging orange baboon back on their platform.

Pixelfed better up their storage limits

"Vivaldi recently launched its Mastodon-powered community, and Mozilla Foundation is also considering something similar.

Now, Medium has taken a step forward by launching a Mastodon instance."

If you're looking informative political commentary with a side of snark, I recommend Brian Tyler Cohen's YouTube channel! :)

When people say that Linux isn't ready for the desktop, I look at them and wonder if they've actually even tried it?

Birdsite related

It's pretty tragic when the wealthiest man on the planet, well formally wealthiest man on the planet fails to pay his own rent

Suicide and birdsite discussion

I'm honestly wondering what the flying fuck would make anyone remove this feature in the first damned place?? What's the goal here? As even his treasured right wing snowflakes are at risk as well

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